Albert Camus – Strainul 10 [Hardcover] [Anonymous] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lang: Romanian, Pages Reprinted in with. Strainul /​ Albert Camus. Also Titled. Outsider. Author. Camus, Albert, . Published. Bucuresti: Editura Albatros, Notes. Original title: L’etranger. – Buy Albert Camus – Strainul 10 [Hardcover] book online at best prices in india on Read Albert Camus – Strainul 10 [Hardcover] book .

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This could be read very fast. Camus once said that he did not want to ridicule any belief system per se rather he wanted to put forth the underlining absurdity of life. The only time he really shows emotion is when he is annoyed at the heat and glare of the sun, a major annoyance for such a commonplace event. Before anything else, I would like to state that I was rather pleased with the first half of the novel, but sadly not by the second.

He killed a man and then shot his corpse four times for good measure.


Perhaps that is why Camus denied this was an existentialist book. The sentences were so short. View all 24 comments.

Later, in the courtroom, he says it was because of the sun. Tras el acontecimiento, los dos protagonistas se descubren entes inhumanos en los ojos de quienes los rodean, uno en apariencia y progresivamente en todo su ser y el otro por su absoluta falta de deseos, sentimientos, moral, por su indiferencia absoluta ante los otros y la vida. Once he has adjusted to prison life, he finds that he gets pleasure from his memories and looking at the small square patch of blue sky he can see from his cell.



Get to Know Us. As Meursault xtrainul the time for his execution, he feels a kinship camus strainul his mother, albbert she, too, embraced a albert camus strainul universe. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. What influenced Meursault to kill the Arab? And that is the absurdness of life. Not Defending Yourself One of the dilemmas of “The Stranger” is that morally and legally there might be issues that Meursault could put to the Judge that would excuse his action and allow the Judge to find him not guilty.

This is the only time at the Home Meursault actually asks for something. Hitler was mad as hell, all strainuk German soldiers were just indifferent.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. We as given laser-sharp glimpses of various facets of our enigmatic first-person narrator as he moves through his everyday routine in the following days and evenings, routine, that is, until the unforgettable scene with the Arab on the beach, one of the most famous scenes in all of modern literature. The story’s protagonist Meursault is an indifferent French Algerian, who hardly partakes of the traditional Mediterranean culture. I mean, c’mon — someone had to, right?

Or as a friend of mine says, everybody camud responsible for their own orgasm.


Having been forgiven, they would expect to go to Heaven. This book touched on a lot of things that annoy me about society, mainly the need to cling to misconceptions when confronted with an individual or circumstance that can’t be neatly cataloged as a camue or doesn’t fall into a inflexibly prefabricated black-or-white category.

Strainul – Albert Camus – Google Books

But this very tendency of ours we call natural, is it really natural? But Meursault isn’t a sick fuck like Raymond. I’d highly recommend it to anyone. A small book strainu is consumed in one day, but it eats away at you for weeks. His lack of emotion means he is not immersed in situations, throwing his whole self into things as the very emotional people around him do.

His austere search for moral order found its aesthetic correlative in the classicism of his art. Desideravo dire che ero come tutti gli altri, assolutamente come tutti gli altri. What’s so wrong with that? View all 9 comments.

Camus joined the resistance movement during the occupation and after the liberation was a columnist for the newspaper Combat. Isn’t it awfully presumptuous to impose our sense of “normal” on a stranger?