Advance Praise for Shooting Stars “With the perfect amount of sass, humor, fun, and sweetness, Allison Rushby delivers a delicious story about a young and. Everyone agrees that the paparazzi are the scourge of the earth. They’re low. They’re despicable. They’ll do anything for that perfect shot. Shooting Stars by Allison Rushby – book cover, description, publication history.

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Zo Jo watches life through a camera lens.

And the minor characters were really fleshed out – they had stories and lives and personalities. Her father doesn’t think she will ever be able to fulfill her dream of getting out of the paparazzi business.

The second surprise won’t get me shot for spoiler-spilling I hope – the story takes an unexpected serious turn and starts to explore some deeper issues that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a book with such a alljson tone. The assignment was to make more money, not necessarily fall in love.

Jo Zo, a year-old paparazz a. It makes me quite happy when I think I know how a story might turn out, and it doesn’t. It’s all so far from my own life, but fascinating to read about. A cousin who works as a flight attendant and is seldom there herself? Zo Jo — little girl Big Shot! The Best Books of But the main part of the story… not so much. Nov 28, Rose rated it liked it Shelves: And, we also get to see some celeb life.

In fact their wasn’t really a hurdle to get over.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Sure, some parts were expected after the blurb. Reasons I liked this book: Zo Jo has been a successful pap so far and enjoys what she does, especially the cash benefits. She has a hard shootinb sorting through her thoughts and feelings and deciding on whom she can and cannot trust.


Like I said, I liked reading about her papparazo-adventures, but other than that, there’s not all that much to her. Shooting Stars is a quick, fun read with a unique concept and unexpected twists. She has thousands of dollars worth of equipment, yet she says she has to work all hours of the night. I did not like the secondary characters at all.

However there is more to Ned than meets the eye, and when an opportunity of a lifetime to get some pictures of him in the most disposable way arises, Jo hesitates. I found their relationship kind of boring and couldn’t feel their chemistry. Lack of real conflict. My only complaint would be that I would have preferred a little more in terms of sizzle – there wasn’t quite enough kissing for my liking, but the lip-locking that did take place was more than satisfactory.

One of the big reveals I figured out but not right away, and the paparazzo angle was pure brilliance. She gets a job to go undercover at a retreat in Boston in order to snap pictures of Ned Hartnett, teen singer and heart-throb. Ned is cute but we lack to really understand him fully. Jan 14, Kassiah rated it liked it Allisn By using our website you consent to all sstars in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Their mix of chemistry and awkwardness was sweet and believable.

Shooting Stars

Also the rehab has to offer a few secondary characters that enrich the storyline. Ned is a swoon worthy character, whom I also warmed too and felt quite sorry for.

Totally made me gasp, but nicely done. I fell in love with this book and I would recommend any female from I thought this was a marvelous book with juicy details that never stopped.


I wish I could tell you about my favorite scene, but I don’t want to give anything away!

Shooting Stars : Allison Rushby :

I’m taking my Sunday pretty easy because I spent all of yesterday being busy and physically exhausting myself. This book is about a young girl, Jo, who wllison a paparazzo and is the best of the paparazzi. I liked this book–it was cute and fun, but not fluffy.

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The Book Addicted Girl: Shooting Stars by Allison Rushby

Allison Rushby’s newest young adult release was shooitng entertaining read that left me eager to grab my camera and scamper off to Hollywood and try to get some great shots. And if it isn’t, I hope that tomorrow or sometime in the near future, it gets better. I definitely recommend reading Jo’s story Shooting Stars.

The money will be enough to pay for Jo’s dream: Everyone at the retreat wants to know: The romance was sweet and although I never entirely felt the “spark”, they were a cute couple.

Return to Book Page. Paying so much attention to the stills she takes of others, she never thought to stop and examine the snap shots of her own life. I wish this was rusuby movie because every line you read you could imagine what was happening. This book as a film: