CORYDON. by Andre Gide With a comment on the second dialogue in. CORYDON by FRANK BEACH, Department of Psychology, Yale University. NEW YORK. The famous dialogues, in which Gide defends homosexuality to the point of making it a civic virtue, now appearing in English for the first time. My friends insist that this little book is of the kind which will do me the greatest harm, Gide wrote of his Corydon. In these pages, contemporary readers will find a.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A quick read, a bit dated of course, but interesting for the historical perspective, as well as how much of it–particularly the first dialogue–still pertains today. This Corydon is a doctor — and a homosexual — and engages the narrator in a series of dialogues concerning the role of homosexuality in the natural world, in culture and society, in the arts.

This particular translation by Richard Howard is superb; it is both lyrical and poetic. Selected pages Title Page. The present edition features the impeccable translation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Richard Howard. The famous dialogues, in which Gide defends homosexuality to the point of making it a civic virtue, now appearing in English for the first time.

A literary oddity for a predictable minority, for doctors, biologists, psychologists; forbidden fruit for the prurient, and adolescent. Unfortunately, the man he decides to kill turns out to be a vital cog in the aforementioned Pope v. I do want to make a note on Vorydon use of the word “pederast”, which seems to confuse some reviewers.


Wonder if I should just toss the rest of his books as well Hilarity of the darkest shades ensues. Open Preview See a Problem? Gide, the reflective rebel against bourgeois morality and one of the most important and controversial figures in modern European literature, published his first book anonymously at the age of By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Much of his work is autobiographical, and the story of his youth and early adult years and the discovery of his own sexual tendencies is related in Si le grain ne meurt If it die.

Straight Women – Gay Men: Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Although obscured by later critics, literature and art from Homer to Titian proclaim cortdon true nature of relationships between such lovers as Achilles and Patrocles—not to mention Virgil’s mythical Corydon and his shepherd, Alexis, constructed union, while the more fundamental, natural relation is the homosexual one.

Gide’s reflections on life and literature are contained in his Journalswhich span the years Misguided even detestable though some of his views are, hapless as some of his evidence is, he has an important point and he makes it. To write this exquisite dialogue pro homosexuality; The way he uses arguments from the fields of biology, philosophy, history in order to point out the liquidity of the sexual instinct and the force of social imperative that leads to the delusion of its certainty.

Considered by Gide to be the most important of his books, this slim, exquisitely crafted volume consists of four dialogues on the subject of homosexuality and its place in society. This article does not cite any sources.

Lisajean rated it liked it Jun 05, The cultural argument fails because numerous historians have shown that women were not valued, respected, or given honors in ancient Greece.

The dialogues are cast in the Socratic form, and despite a somewhat ajdr translation, the writer’s wit, obliquity, and lack of candor come through. As a young man, he was an ardent member of the symbolist group, gude the style of his later work is more in the tradition of classicism. His great works, “The Immoralist” and “The Counterfeiters” puts that accusation immediately to rest.

Published anonymously in bits and pieces between andCorydon first appeared in a signed, commercial edition in France in and in the United States inthe year before Gide’s death. For other uses of the word, see Corydon disambiguation. The unnamed narrator visits with and discusses the nature of human sexuality with an old friend, one Corydon the name is chosen for obvious reasons.


And for cotydon of the reading public, a tedious bore.

The Socratic argument is weak and, I think, unnecessary. Please provide an email address.

Corydon., by André Gide | The Online Books Page

The dialogues use evidence from naturalistshistorianspoets crydon, and philosophers in order to back up Gide’s argument that homosexuality is natural, or better not unnatural, and that it pervaded the most culturally and artistically advanced civilizations such as Periclean Greece, Renaissance Italy and Elizabethan England.

Nov 07, Mason rated it really liked it. In ande dialogue with his bigoted, boorish interviewer, Corydon marshals evidence from naturalists, historians, poets, and philosophers to support his contention that homosexuality pervaded the most culturally and artistically advanced civilizations, from Greece in the age of Pericles to Renaissance Italy and England in the age of Shakespeare.

Published July 18th by University of Illinois Press first published Email required Address never made public. In your heart of hearts you know perfectly well that the censure heaped on you is entirely deserved; you protest so eloquently in whispers, but when it comes to speaking up, you give in. The New Southern Gentleman. In these pages, contemporary readers will find a prescient and courageous treatment of a topic that has scarcely become less controversial.

Innumerable sounder treatments, from Proust to Kinsey, have let light and air in on this not too agreeable topic. There was a problem adding your email address. This is also an excellent example of the political, social, legal, and philosophical arguments surrounding homosexuality in the earlys.