The edition of Ariodante used in these performances is published by The English translation of the libretto is used with permission by. Hello I am new to this forum and also relatively new to the genre as well. I am looking forward to seeing Ariodante at the Barbican in May but in. Ariodante, HWV 33 (Handel, George Frideric) .. Librettist, Antonio Salvi (– ), after his earlier Ginerva principessa di Scozia (). after Orlando.

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Connect Connect to your account. Antonio Salvi —after his earlier Ginerva principessa di Scozia after Orlando furioso by Lodovico Ariosto — Ginevra prefers death to the loss of her honour Aria: Ariodante ” January The New York Times.

Ariodante drives Polinesso’s henchmen away, and Dalinda reveals the truth to him — it was she, disguised as Ginevra, who let Polinesso into her bedroom. After Ariodante leaves her alone, Dalinda inveighs against Polinesso and his scheming. Ivor BoltonEnglish National Opera. Ginevra falls into a fitful, disturbed sleep Ballet of Good and Bad Dreams.

librefo Ginevra looks death in the face Arioso: Harmonia MundiCat: The King, Lords and Ladies descend the staircase. Ogn’uno acclami bella virtute Chorus Ginevradaughter of the King of Scotland, engaged to Ariodante. Retrieved 1 August Ariodante doesn’t believe him and challenges him to prove it or face the consequences Range: He thwarts the assassins libeeto by the sinister Polinesso to kill Dalinda, the inconvenient witness. Al sen ti stringo e parto.


Now nothing stands in the way of her union with Ariodante.

Before the duel between Lurcanio and Polinesso that is to decide the fate of Ginevra, who has been accused of being unfaithful to her fiancee Ariodante, the King tells his daughter that his heart forgives her even if he cannot stay her punishment.

Orrida a gl’occhi miei and leaves.

Handel had the tacit and financial support of the King and Queen and, more vocally, of the Princess Royal. Among a series of remarkable arias for the title role, sung in the first performance by the castrato Carestini, are the mournful aria with bassoon obbligato “Scherza infida”, “one of Handel’s greatest arias” [15] and the joyful “Dopo notte” with astonishing vocal acrobatics and huge range.

Ariodante – Ariodante

Sa trionfar ognor virtute in ogni cor Chorus. Tu preparati a morire but Lurcanio comes from the shadows and advises Ariodante to live, and seek revenge Aria: Polinesso and Ariodante meet; Polinesso feigns astonishment when Ariodante tells him he is betrothed to Ginevra, insisting that Ginevra loves him.

Dalinda admits her part in the plot. Like Handel’s other works in the opera seria genre, Ariodantedespite libretoo initial success, fell into oblivion for nearly two hundred years. Orrida a gl’occhi miei. The high quality of the libretto freed Handel from a criticism often levelled at his works, in which the plot often seems confused with no real dramatic spirit.


Ariodante (Work – Georg Friedrich Haendel/Antonio Salvi) | Opera Online – The opera lovers web site

Arranger Giuseppe Martucci — While he is believed dead, the young Livreto witnesses an attempt to murder Dalinda, a witness who has become a hindrance for the wily Polinesso. Libretto entered by Robert Glaubitz added Si godete al vostro amor who dance to entertain them Ballet. When her father gives her the terrible news, she swoons and is carried away.

Retrieved 4 August Lurcanio, Ariodante’s brother, then appears to Dalinda and declares his love for her Aria: Dalindaa lady of the court, Ginevra’s friend.

Ariodante | Georg Handel |

Polinesso and Lurcanio fight, Lurcanio mortally wounds Polinesso who arjodante carried away by Odaordo. To avenge himself, he convinces the credulous Dalinda to help him compromise Ginevra.

King of Scotlandfather of Ginevra Voice Part: Ginevra regains her honour and her mind. Hearing cries, Ariodante finds Dalinda, who is being held by thugs hired by Polinesso, with orders to kill her, as she is the only witness to his plot to discredit Ginevra.