AromaTouch Technique. likes · talking about this. This is the official doTERRA International corporate page for the AromaTouch Technique. What is the AromaTouch® Technique? The dōTERRA ArōmaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and. I have fallen in love with doTERRA Essential Oils. I have seen such an impact on every area of my life since using them. My meals taste better and knowing I.

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Deep Blue Soothing Blend According to recent studies, more than half of us are sufferers of ongoing discomfort.

Each essential oil in the AromaTouch Technique was selected for its individual aromatic properties, and for their powerful aromatic properties when combined. For example, the smell of fresh baked cookies may trigger a memory or emotion of your grandmother baking when you were a child.

What is AromaTouch Technque?

This technique is not only great for detoxing and distressing but leaves you feeling incredibly relaxed and infused with amazing aromas.

I had to share this powerful essential oil application with everyone. Diffuse to create a spa environment.

Yet, AromaTouch is very beneficial for our mental, emotional and physical well-being. I could feel my stress melting away. Studies have revealed that over time high stress levels can contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease, depression, insomnia, and ulcers. I almost went to sleep, I cried a little bit.


When dealing with a child who needs individual care, a friend frustrated with school, a spouse with stress from work, or a teenager worn out from a sporting practice, the AromaTouch can help. Tecgnique a pricing option for future booking. Everyone should get one.

AromaTouch Technique – Angelight Therapy

AromaTouch Technique uses Wild Orange for its ability to energize and revitalize. Composed of more than ninety different compounds, melaleuca has limitless therapeutic applications. Home About Venue Hire. We perfectly blend spruce, rosewood, frankincense, and techniqie tansy to offer an enticing fragrance which promotes tranquility and a sense of balance. While serotonin works to monitor emotional and nerve health at normal levels, at elevated levels it can destroy white blood cells, resulting in a weakened immune system.

Pin It on Pinterest. The gentle finger touch and the aroma puts me to sleep. Essential oils applied along energy lines and on reflexology points stimulate homeostasis and balance in the body. Aromtouch in Aromatherapy a carminative and antispasmodic for symptomatic relief of digestive discomfort.

Peppermint Essential Oil Mentha piperita Peppermint is popular in countless tecnnique toothpaste to chewing gum. Wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, German chamomile, helichrysum and osmanthus work together to ease achy joints and sore muscles.

There is also evidence that autonomic imbalance can lead to cardiovascular morbidity and even mortality. The increased consumption of foods with pro-inflammatory components foods high in polyunsaturated vegetable oils and trans-fats together with high carbohydrate and low protein consumption contribute to increased inflammation in body tissues.

These oils are CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Unlike traditional Aromatherapy Massage, the AromaTouch Massage Technique utilizes eight specific essential oils and aromatokch to promote relaxation and stress relief, offer immune support, decrease pain and inflammation armoatouch elevate mood.


I get so relaxed that once I spontaneously had a past life recall and healed my past experience, meanwhile, still being pampered by Lynn.

What is AromaTouch Technique

These healing sessions can help us and facilitate us to release these emotional blockages. I have used the services of Tecnnique Therapy for the past year and have never been disappointed!

That is why specific aromas can trigger recollections life events or emotions. I would definitely recommend Angelight to my family and friends!

AromaTouch Technique Massage

aromaatouch Exposure to a wide array of toxic insults including disease-causing pathogens, hormone or pesticide contaminated food products, increasing levels of free-radical pollution, and overexposure to radiation all contribute to the weakening of the immune system. Four systemic constants that most often impair homeostasis are: The opposite of homeostasis, an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system also known as the ANS, or visceral nervous system can negatively impact health in a number of ways.

A few drops of Deep Blue diluted aromatouc Fractionated Coconut Oil can be a part of a cooling and comforting massage.