ASTM D [ Withdrawn ]. Standard Practice for Sampling Insulating Liquids for Gas Analysis and Determination of Water Content. For complete instructions on sampling electrical insulating fluids for GAS ANALYSIS and determination of water content refer to ASTM D Adjust flow. electric equipment, are detailed in the Doble Reference Book on Insulating Liquids and Gases [6], ASTM Practices. D [7] and D [8]. GOOD SAMPLE.

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Take extreme caution when samples are drawn from electrical apparatus having a small volume of insulating fluid.

With all three valves openand the cylinder held in a vertical position see Fig. Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our free products and services.

See Test Methods D for further details about generalcleaning requirements.

Test Method DTable 1,provides coefficients of variation for different gas-in-oil analy-sis from samples collected in the three containers recom-mended in this practice. Wipe the inside of the valve and threads with a clean lint free cloth. We are nonprofit website to share and download documents.


Do not allow the oil to be exposed tosunlight. Remove the security pipe plug fromthe drain valve. One of two procedures may then be used to prepare the f3613 outlet. This should involve a volumeof air equivalent to at least 55 changes of the cylinder volumeduring the 15 min period of drying.

However, gas-saturated samples will begin to release gases bubbles soon after sampling. Attach the plastic tube tothe syringe as shown in Fig.

Syringes having precision ground barrels andpistons are preferred. Drain at least 1. Samples can be obtained safely.

ASTM D for Sampling Insulating Liquids for Gas Analysis and Water Analysis – YONGRUN

Astmm the syringe from the tubing and inspect forair bubbles. It isdesirable that stainless steel cylinders be evacuated and sealedafter cleaning. The tubing should not be reused. Please download to get full document. Remove the security pipe plug from the drain valve. Package the filled syringe as soon as possible to protect the sample from light.


Transformer Oil Gas Analyser (TOGA)

Once the container is full, install thecap immediately. These cylindershave the disadvantage of not allowing visual inspection of theinterior of the cylinder.

Collecting Samples Using Syringe 8.

Samples should be forwardedto the laboratory as quickly as possible. If the slug moves towardsthe electrical apparatus, a negative pressure exists.

Cleaning of Apparatus 5. Ethics for managements consultans. Install the drain valve security plug. To the running of this website, we need your help to support us. Test Method D, Table 1, provides coefficients of variation for different gas-in-oil analysis from samples collected in the three containers recommended in this practice. Power by seonoco All Rights Reserved: Syringe Valve Piston Gases Materials. Position the handle toward d36133 syringe.