Integration with Sentinel, Integrator, Gateway, and PassPort — Learn . Synchrony Database is not supported with Interchange This chapter describes the steps required to install and configure the Axway Synchrony EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Gateway so it can operate correctly . To configure Axway Synchrony Interchange: When the system opens the Axway Synchrony Login.

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Click the Trusted root certificates tab to verify that no certificates exist for the Sender or Receiver Axway Synchrony.

Installing and Configuring EDI Gateway

Click Yes to add a certificate. In the Community screen, click the Community name. Create a blank Axway Synchrony instance, if it does not already exist.

Go to the following URL: For more information, see the Axway Interchange installation documentation. Click Logout in the upper right corner of the page. Sender or Receiver http: Click the Trusted root certificates tab.

Create a blank Axway Synchrony instance, if it does not already gatrway. Do not close this dialog box until the Server Startup Complete status appears. Log on to a client computer.

In the Summary screen, click the Setup up a pickup for receiving messages from partners. Click To address tab, and select the Address determined by message attribute interdhange option or by protocol address only, and click Save Changes.


Click the Set up a delivery exchange for picking up messages from partners link.

Axway: Synchrony Gateway Interchange | EBXML

In the Configure the file system settings screen, click Next. When the Getting started page opens: Click Add a community. To add a node: When the System management page opens with the newly created node: Open the following URL: This dialog is different on subsequent executions.

Click the Message attributes tab. The GatewayInterchangeService Properties dialog box appears. In the Getting started screen, click the System Management icon. Click Add a node.

Open the following URL: Click the Add a Partner to this community link. In the Summary screen, click Application Deliveryand add an application delivery. GetMessageInfo in the Class name field. Axway Gateway Interchange also received optional profile certification for the ebMS 2. To test communication for Axway Synchrony Interchange: When the Pick an integration pickup exchange page opens.

To create a database instance for Axway Synchrony: Serving over 11, organizations in more than countries, Axway facilitates the multi-enterprise transactions, processes and integration that accelerate business by eliminating the barriers between vendors, customers, departments, partners and suppliers. Type the e-mail address in the E-mail address field.

Select the Include all certificates in the certification path if possible checkbox.


Click the Certificate listed on the Personal certificates tab. Click the To address tab. When the system opens the Getting Started window: Verify that the E2B XML file is configured with proper routing IDs for both the send and the receiver before dropping the file into the Axway Synchrony outbound folder.

The Start Server dialog box appears.

Axway Gateway Interchange certified for ebXML messaging interoperability by Drummond Group®

When the Inline processing rules appear: Type the contact name in the Contact name field. When the Pick a certificate page opens: When the Pick an integration pickup exchange screen appears, click Logout. The file must be an E2B file that contains the correct routing IDs for the sender and the receiver.

Description of the illustration axway. When the Add a node page opens: The status of the node changes to Starting. Click Start to start the node.

When the Pick an integration pickup exchange page opens: This chapter includes instructions on the following topics: Click the Trading Engine option.

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