B149.3-10 PDF

B149.3-10 PDF

CSA B COMPLIANT FUEL TRAINS. Heating Solutions works with our clients to ensure site specific requirements are incorporated into the fuel train. CSA B Code for the Field Approval of Fuel-related Components on Appliances and Equipment [CSA] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for CSA B Code for the Field Approval of Fuel-related Components on Appliances and Equipment at.

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Elevator and escalatorelectrical equipment NEW!

Burner Division – Guest Controls

Installation code forpropane fuel systems and containers on motor vehicles NEW! Electrical safety and essential electrical systems in health care facilities R NEW!

Fall arresters and vertical lifelines NEW! Determining the required capacity of residential space heating and cooling appliances R NEW!

Vented gas fireplace heaters NEW! Energy performance ofroom air conditioners NEW! B Series Thermoplastic non-pressure piping compendium Includes: Code for tower cranes R NEW! Testing method for measuringannual fireplace efficiency NEW!

CSA B Compliant Fuel Trains – HSI Group

Field-applied externalcoatings for steel pipeline systems NEW! General requirements for luminaires R NEW! Pipelines for medical gases, medical vacuum, medical support gases, and anaesthetic gas scavenging systems NEW! B Selection and use of UNpressure receptacles and multiple-element gas containers for the transportof dangerous goods, Class 2 NEW! Energy performance of automatic icemakers and ice storage bins R NEW!


Storage of hydrocarbonsin underground formations NEW! Mechanical refrigeration code R NEW! Safety code on mobile cranes NEW! B Boiler, pressure vessel, and pressure piping code NEW! Portable tanks for the transport of dangerous goods NEW!

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Children’s playspaces and equipment R NEW! Thermal efficiencies of industrial and commercial gas-fired package furnaces R NEW! Structural quality steel R NEW! B Selection and use of cylinders,spheres, tubes, and other containers for the transportation of dangerousgoods, Class 2 NEW!

O Construction sheathing NEW!

Clause 13 of this Code contains additional requirements for process ovens, including bakery ovens, process furnaces, and atmosphere generators operating at approximately atmospheric pressure and used by industry for the processing of materials.

Plastic drain and sewer pipe and pipe fittings NEW! Certification of weldinginspection organizations NEW! V149.3-10 requirements and methods of testing for nonmetallic conduit R NEW!

O Engineering design in wood NEW! Asphalt shingles made from glass felt and surfaced with mineral granules NEW! Use of electricity in mines NEW! M Lighting and marking of agricultural equipment on highways NEW! Notes to figures and tables, however, are considered part of the figure or table b419.3-10 may be written as mandatory requirements. Structural requirementsfor manufactured homes R NEW! Storage of hydrocarbons in underground formations NEW! Safeguarding of Machinery NEW!


Fans and Ventilators NEW! Residential carbon monoxide alarming devices NEW!

b149-3-10 csa gas code

Performance standard for split-system and single-package central air conditioners and heat pumps R NEW!

C Water-source heat pumps – Testing and rating for performance – Part 1: Concrete pumps and placing booms R NEW!

Storage, handling, and dispensing of aviation fuels at aerodromes R NEW! Performance standard for rating large and single packaged vertical air conditioners and heat pumps R NEW! On top of a world class product, Guest Controls provides customer service and support that is unmatched in the industry.