balli sastram for men in telugu under the foot. Reply. Rand says: July 14, at am. astrology hindi what means of fall lizard on.

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July 26, at 4: Kariappa b b says: While having tea around The Monday morning at 6.

November 29, at May 16, at 9: Your posted regarding lizard fall on right chest of women. July 30, at 9: July 28, at I am a women of 61 years.

October 4, at 9: November 19, at 9: December 21, at August 24, at 7: April 10, at 9: April 15, at January 27, at July 29, at 1: May 25, at I,m komala born on The effects of the lizard falling for men and women are different as per the shastra. August 10, at There is nothing more that science tells about the event.


Lizard shit fallen on my right shoulder is it good are bad.

Lizard fell on my left wrist and went upwards towards shoulder p. June 17, at 8: July 8, at 9: April 12, at 8: August 16, at 2: July 28, at 1: July 28, at 6: Head — Dispute or clash is on cards.

The lizard fall on my left-hand fingers upper side in the morning what does it mean…plz tell me as quickly…as possible. A lizard felll on my body early morning, I think right side of hip, stomach, so pls let me know tdlugu it hav any bad effect, Thank you Vijayalakshmi. Hello sir im sowmya.

Today I was pouring water to tulsi plant which was on top. July 26, at 5: February 10, at 8: July 29, at 4: February 6, at 4: July 29, at 7: July 17, at Please tell me what happen.

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March 2, at 1: What should i do? December 26, at 1: April 3, at But he died in front of me with in few minutes. August 4, at Please tell me the effects of this and solution.