The rituals of the Hexagram, while sharing certain surface similarities to those of . The invoking or banishing Hexagrams of Saturn are suitable, within certain. Then thou shalt consecrate and guard the place wherein thou art by the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. Then thou shalt perform the Lesser Invoking. The lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram has an important if overlooked use before any ritual and it takes its lead from the Key of Solomon.

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As recited by Roman Catholics it goes like this:.

Compare with Crowley, Aleister, Magick: In the Hexagram rituals the directions are Sidereal, based upon the cross formed by the fixed signs of the Zodiac in the heavens. This is Liber 36, The Star Sapphire. Draw the Jupiter triangle first, then draw the Mercury triangle.

With regard to readiness therefore, there is no definite benchmark. In the context of this ritual Set is also the generative organs, among many other meanings. Draw the Saturn triangle first, then draw the Luna triangle. While this is useful to place the lesser banishing ritual of the hexagramin the context of the wider planetary hexes it has the function of enabling Mathers other innovation, the idea of creating a banishing and invoking an aspect to the hexagram.

Thelemapedia: The Encyclopedia of Thelema & Magick | Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

Underscoring the symbolism of the planets as primary aspects or emanations of the bqnishing Unity, each planet is associated with a letter of the Kabbalistic formula ARARITA. To do this create a horoscope chart of the heavens at the time of the ritual and place it on the altar with the ascendant facing East.

They could also use shapes and curls, the lines containing the dots could be made closer or further apart to make more geometrically balanced shapes. There are no instructions in the original G. There are a few additional details that can be extracted from the source texts.

These movements recapitulate some of the symbolism of the Kabbalistic Cross, as described in Chapter 7. This form has the advantage of requiring only a single Hexagram pf be traced for the Sun. To invoke or banish a Zodiacal sign, follow the basic procedure above, turning to the quarter of the heavens occupied by the sign. If using a wand or other implement, hold it upright in front of the body.


They can be used to invoke or banish the planets, either singly or in concert. It can be performed with the magic sword, the wand, the hand, or with a specialized G.

Optionally, use the Star Ruby and the Star Sapphire. In the magical Hexagram this is reversed; the decending red triangle is that of Horus, a sign specially revealed by him personally, at the Equinox of the Gods.

The Lesser & Greater Rituals of the Hexagram

Hi Nick Thank you for well details explanation on the ritual My question is to know: The top of the lower triangle should coincide with the central point of the upper triangle. There are various traditions hesagram how to address this. The magician should experiment with these various forms to find the one that works for them. In this case, we have a strong Saturnian flavour bainshing which form a separation between the outside world and what is in the circle.

Draw the symbol of the planet in the center of the Hexagram, tracing it left to right and clockwise as much as possible to invoke. Let him repeat the signs of L. Let him drink of the Sacrament hexzgram let him communicate the same.

In this ritual, the magician goes about to the four quarters of the universe, making a circle about the temple as she does so, exactly as in the Pentagram rituals and with the same range of meanings. This is the Isis phase. One begins an endeavor with a sense of initial enthusiasm.

Again, just as with Pentagrams, you visualize the Elemental Hexagrams forming in lines of bright light and floating in the air at a point directly in front of you.

Rituals of the Hexagram

The writer of the Key of Solomon would have been aware of the associations of the east so placing a seemingly contrary symbol there had a purpose. Let him go round to the West, make the Holy Hexagram, and say: When thou hast finished thy invocation thou shalt in most cases license them to depart and perform the Banishing Symbols upon it which would have the effect of entirely de-charging it and reducing it to the condition it was in rjtual first made –that is to say dead and lifeless.


The two concluding instructions of Liber 36 are obscure, and these explanations are only presented as my own understanding. One of the missing parts of Golden Dawn teaching about the Lesser hexagram was the critical placement of the solar symbol in the centre. The Sun in Tiphareth goes at the geometrical center of the Hexagram, and Saturn in Binah goes at the topmost point rital in for the unity of all three Supernals.

Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

All rather useful for a defensive magic circle, but when the lesser banishing ritual of the hexagramis done you create the antithesis of restriction. If banishing, trace right to left and counterclockwise.

Then shalt thou turn unto the quarter of the planet in the Heavens and shalt trace his invoking Hexagram and pronounce the proper Names, and invoke what Angels and Forces of that Nature may be required, and trace their Sigils in the air. The Sun, in any format, is always going to have some protective aspect against darkness, but in this case, it is the herald of the dark.

Thank so much and let the light of LVX continue to shine upon you. However, Conjuctio to unite the other hexagrams to mark off and seal the protective circle. This does not necessarily signify a sexual act, except insofar as a sexual act is a reflection of the true formula of the Rosy Cross, which is the union of subject and object in Samadhi, the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

The particular attribution of elements to the quarters is different, however. Solar banishing and invocation is much more complex and lengthy, and some practitioners believe that solar magic should only be attempted during hexayram Greater Hexagram Ritual which I will explain in future entries.

The triangles are not explained, but it seems likely to me that that they are geomantic symbols.