View and Download Stihl service manual online. Chainsaw pdf manual download. Also for: Manuals for stihl av super technische daten to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. stihl av manualrar bmw fgs repair manualstihl av reparatur anleitungstihl fr 85 illustrated parts listAsphalt 2 3D Nokia N95 signed N96, stihl.

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Ich bin mir sicher bedienungdanleitung die Sge vor Bj. Drag the logs into a clear area before cutting. Keep the saw chain sharp and the saw, including the AV system, wellmaintained.

Accidental acceleration of the engine can cause the chain to rotate. Gibt es diese Anleitung auch in Deutsch?

Start limbing by leaving the lower limbs to support the log offthe ground. When cutting a limb thatis under tension be alert for springback so that you will not be struck when the tension inthe wood fibers is released. Flauipauis Hexenbesenspruch Hai liebe Leute aus der Community, Ich habe mal wieder eineGeschichte die in meine Frage hineinverluft also es war so: In a kickback situation this guard helps protect your left hand or other parts ofyour body.


Stihl 028 Service Manual

On the last cut, do not cut the hinge. A loose connection between sparkplug terminal and ignition wire connector in the boot may create arcing that could ignitecombustible fumes and cause a fire.

Do not allow other persons to be near the runningchainsaw. Wie wird der Vergaser eingestellt, ohne Drehzahlmesser? Failure to follow this procedure may result ininjury to hand or fingers and may damage the starter mechanism. The locked chain is not released until you press down the throttle trigger interlocklever again to operate the throttle.

When cuttingsmall logs, place log through “V” – shaped supports on top of a sawhorse. Read an d follow al l safe ty. However, because a chainsaw is a high-speed, fast-cutting power tool, specialsafety precautions must be observed to reduce the risk of personal injury.

Pri nted on ch lor ine- free pape r. Rainy Day In L. Fellow actor Jonathan Loughran was also with them. The screwdriver end of the STIHL combination wrench orother similar tool can be used as an aid in tightening slotted fuel caps.

When the tree starts to fall, withdraw the bar, shut off theengine and walk away on the preplanned escape path. STIHL distri butor fo r your area if y ou do.

As a result, engineering changes and improvements are made from time-to-time. Shattered wood should be cut very carefully. All the above mentioned precautions do not guarantee that you will not sustain whitefingerdisease or carpal tunnel syndrome. Properly secure your saw to prevent turnover, fuel spillage anddamage to the saw.


In any chainsaw, the powerful force used to cut wood can bereversed and work against the operator. DUQLQJ When used with other, more aggressive chains, these bars may be less effective inreducing kickback, and may result in higher kickback forces.

Working in blowdown areas is extremely hazardous. Ali Larter – First Child See who else is due.


To reduce the risk of injury to your eyesnever operate a chainsaw unless wearing goggles or properly fitted safety glasses withadequate top and side protection complying with ANSI Z Be extremely cautious and avoid contacting the logor other limbs with the nose of the guide bar. All safety precautions that are generallyobserved when working with an axe or a hand saw also apply to the operation ofchainsaws.

Keep all parts of your body away from thesaw chain when the engine is running.