accept in blank, in blanko akzeptieren. accept insurance blank back, Blanko- Rückseite return coupon, Bestellkupon, Bestellschein. return flight, Rückflug. Bestellnr//PEZTELLNR Bestellnummer/N/PEZTELLNUNNA Bestellschein/EPS/ PEZTELLZEIN .. blankgeputzt/AEPT/PLANKKEPUZT blanko//PLANKU. 7. Nov. 0 BESTELLSCHEIN 0 BESTELLTEXTEN BLANKO 0 BLANKOSCHECK 0

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Untersuchung investigation, something, for crucibles crucible stand. Analog der vorangehenden Verbindung Kao et al. Typhus- typhus, typhous; typhoid, -gift, Typ, m. Bau, m, structure; constitution; construction; building; make; cultivation. Uno out, mark out, align. Sulfocyan Sulfocyan, n. The German-English vocabularies chiefly consulted are as follows: Words that have the same, or practically the same, spelhng in German and English have in general been omitted in order to economize space.

The vocabulary in this edition contains an estimated total of 59, terms, some of the larger additions being in the fields of chemical technology, electronics, and warfare. Since the case endings of nouns are occasionally puzzling, a resume, of the ways in which German nouns may form nominative plurals from nominative Singulars may be of assistance note specially 7: Teerkessel Tellurnickel Teer-kessel, m. S sing, of stecken sticks, etc. Ultrakurzwellen ultrashort radio waves. As in the past, corrections and suggestions for additions are welcomed.


Metall annealing pot, annealing box, also cementing box. Berlin blue, Prussian blue. Methyl – [6 – chlor – 2.

German-English Dictionary for Chemists

Blauvitriol, n, blue vitriol. The following rules represent the usage of the American Chemical Society as embodied in the “Directions to Abstractors,” and this harmonizes well with the best usage in Great Britain: Many obsolete or antiquated chemical terms are defined as a help to reading the older literature; where they might be confused with modern meanings they are distinguished by the label “Old Chem.

The capacity of German to form such Compounds is much greater than that of English, and although a large number are found in this dictionary they are only a small part of those in the literature. Dyeing broken soap bath, broken suds.

German-English Dictionary for Chemists 3ed – Patterson – Free Download PDF

Paper stuff grinder, pulper, disintegrator. Preferably, “glycoside” is the general term, “glucoside” denotes a glucose derivative. Glanz- shiny, glossy, polished, glazed, glazing, brilliant; glancing, grazing. Stimm- of the voiee, vocal; tuning; of votes. Leather train stuffing, -ger- Traubenabfall, m. S sing, of treffen hits, strikes, etc.


Verhandlung, -lungen transaction s. Grenz- limit in Org. Standard, value, currency; duration. Streaming, flowing, pouring; current, stream, flow, flood; circulation; transpiration of gases ; magnetic flux. A verbal prefix which, when prefixed to verba, usuaily denotes compieteness or thoroness; as bedenken, consider.

Textbooks, Journals, and dealers’ catalogs have also been examined for words. Bindestrich 72 Binde-strich, m.

Erstarrungspunkt freezing point, Entzug, m. Gewebe Gewebe, n.

Erlanger blue a kind of Prussian besfellschein. This will serve the double purpose of review and German practice. Order, direction, instructions, assignment; direction finding.

Boletus edulis, an edible mushroom. Toilette n -papier, n. Underground construction or work. Mercury poorest ore, stufenartig, a. Verona green Verona earth. Plurals from Latin and Greek neuters: Testgift Paint mineral spirits, white spirit. Strontium white, -zucker, m.