Over As of , the Philips BF MosFET has been replaced by various surface mount mosFETs of similar performance. Some electronic parts distributers. VHF, BF, VHF pre amplifier, antenna pre-ampl, Satellite antenna pre-amp, SV1BSX, Homebrew, homebrew corner. BF Transistor Datasheet, BF Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog.

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L1 13 turnsL2 12 turns. Tune the input coil L1 adjust the spacing to the video carrier frequency, and the output to coil L2 to the audio carrier frequency. L1 wire should be at least 0.

Philips BF981 Latin Cross Silicon N-channel Dual Gate

The noise figures claimed for some circuits published in European magazines are from 1. If however no increase in noise is observed, a preamplifier will be essential. This is the price excluding shipping and handling fees a seller has provided at which the same item, or one that is nearly identical to it, is being offered for sale or has been offered for sale in the recent past.

Save on Transistors Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Once aligned, the trimmers don’t need to be re-adjusted.

BF MOSFET Datasheet pdf – Equivalent. Cross Reference Search

Best Selling in Transistors See all. This figure 11dB represents our total receiving system noise figure! Good luck and best of DX.

What does this price mean? If a noise figure meter is available adjust L1 and C2 for best noise figure. The design will be b981 for constructors more comfortable working with larger size mosFETs.

Why use a preamplifier? The bandwidth is as broad as bf918 proverbial bull’s foot. L2 is tapped a third of the way down from the LT supply end to provide a reasonable 75 ohm match at the output. Considering the RF input is untuned, the overload and image rejection specifications are very good. This means a pF trimmer is used for the input and output coils. Only in quiet br981 areas bd981 background noise be below 2dB at VHF frequencies.


A noise peak should be seen, at the bottom of the tuning range. Although a former and slug are used in the author’s prototype, br981 would be better to use an air cored coil provided that the necessary equipment and patience are available to enable it to be adjusted for best noise figure. The probable cause s are excessive pre-amp RF gain, bandwidth, or inferior bipolar design, etc.

The Philips data sheets give typical noise figures for the BF as 0. My version features a more modest 1.

Also, GaAsfet amps are very prone to static b981, which can destroy the device. Die-cast boxes, even though more expensive, are recommended. The effectiveness of the source and gate two bypass capacitors may be tested by running the amplifier while observing the noise figure or by observing the level of a very weak signal and placing the metal end of a screwdriver on S or G2.

L1 is most important. BB varicap diode specifications Vr maximum voltage 28 volts.

BF – BF N-Channel Dual-Gate MOSFET SMD Transistor

The same applies to the decoupling capacitor at the cold end of the drain coil L2 although these are not as critical. This article suggests a possible reason for this and provides information on how to realise the device’s potential.

Typical example of a suitable power supply. The leads should be as short as possible and soldered as close to G2 and S as possible. When external noise is this high, indoor or masthead preamplifiers will not improve weak signals. On the other hand, if a tuner is relatively insensitive bff981 needs aligning, a 2dB fb981 figure preamplifier can offer a significant improvement on weak signals. Inside diameter is 0. The T II features a digital signal strength meter.


Low loss coax cable is essential if the pre-amp is used indoors because every dB of coax cable feedline loss in front of bd981 preamplifier will add that number of dB to the noise figure of the receive system.

This helps to suppress pre-amp oscillation. Be the first to write a review. The source and gate, two bypass capacitors, must present an impedance which is to all intents zero at MHz. In most cases, I have found that a 2dB Mosfet tunable MHz pre-amplifier offers little or no b981 on weak video signals.

If the BB is not available, other varicap diodes can be substituted. The ET was a revolution in terms of strong signal handling and low noise RF performance. RFC must be low loss and preferably self resonant just above the two metre band, ie, it must exhibit high impedance. Reference to the circuit diagram will reveal what types of transistors are used in the RF stage. Masthead TV preamplifiers with noise figures lower than 2dB are not really beneficial at VHF, because the antenna receives a constant background noise of 2dB or more.

Remember that a 6dB improvement is equivalent to making the original antenna system four times as large or going from one to four yagis! By using the ‘local’ RF setting, the RF preamplifier will then provide the predominant noise contribution and signals will not be masked by mixer noise.

If C1 is set to 5pF, the input bandwidth will be relatively wide. The metal shield shown in dashed lines helps prevent self-oscillation at or near the operating frequency. This means that the total RF gain is reduced, hence dynamic range is improved.