By Searching has 62 ratings and 8 reviews. Lance said: J.B. Phillips paraphrases Hebrews ,3, Let us not lay over and over again the foundation truths. Isobel Selina Miller Kuhn, born Isobel Selina Miller, aka, “Belle” (December 17, – March .. By Searching: My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith. Identification of Work By Searching, My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith, was written by Isobel Kuhn and published in by Moody Publishers. Summary of .

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I enjoyed it very much, but as I went home, once more all the old longings for romance and storybook experiences flooded me.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. I marked it in my Bible, too.

I had not seen Donald for years, but when I wrote that I was coming to the Convention I got a letter right back saying I must stay at his house and he would be at the boat to meet me. Bekah rated it it was amazing Feb 02, The next thing I knew, it was morning searchin the golden sunshine of a December day in Vancouver was pouring into my bedroom.


That same dance isobsl was still on and Les was still standing at the foot of the staircase where I had left him. I saw clearly that here was a scholar who knew both sides of the argument.



You’ll never find anyone to love you like you want to be loved—your ideal is too high. Ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. I wanted to work with the group who had proved God in that quiet, unostentatious fashion. I hardly need say that the taper of novel reading, which included magazine stories, was extinguished from that day on.

In the boasted freedom of drifting whither you will, there is certainly no sign that one is being driven onas Jeremiah so shrewdly perceived was the reality.

I was merely refusing to act on Your papa and your mama told you so. To the Golden Shore Courtney Anderson. It was my father, moaning in his sleep in the next room. Overseas Missionary Fellowship, And he had found Him through the Christ of the New Testament.

By Searching (Isobel Kuhn)

No matter how willing they might be to follow Him fully, if they only knew of Him and of His death for their salvation, they must perish unless someone went and told them. I did a bit of editing on it today from the internet link I was learning what Dr.

Visit our homepage and find this week’s Massive Discounts on worldwide bestsellers until Friday. Here was a real gentleman who would never stoop to nasty remarks about an sdarching. So I made this my test, and I prayed about it: Dr Marcus J Borg.


The post office clock on Main Street had just struck two, and I was still tense and tossing. Since he was scheduled to speak several evenings during the conference, Mr.

By Searching : Isobel Kuhn :

God is not man’s servant, that a puny atheist may shout a challenge and He is bound to respond. Fraser about missionary service. Tozer has pointed out how our generation is in danger of missing this sacred joy. My father was with me at The Firs that summer. Another evening was given over to the joys of harvest. I liked his quiet, refined manner of speech. Are you enjoying your work? I should read sewrching Christian biographies – this was great.

Cole told me herself years later. But as I read of the sorrows and sufferings of Chinese women my heart was greatly stirred.

By Searching by Isobel Kuhn

This is my first dance. We had circled out into the hall when the door-bell rang.

This particular time, it was an exciting story that I could not lay down.