Most casual players would find the following simplified carrom rules quite Arrange the carrom men on the centre circle of the carrom board as shown in the . carrom board rules விளையாட்டு carrom board game Tamil rules Tamil. kho kho games rules. Last Update: Usage Frequency: 1.

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Make sure each outer piece must touch the inner circle. Am looking out to acquire all appropriate equipment for this game. Instead of balls, you use small playing pieces and bard to put them in pockets with a heavier piece called a striker. You can shoot your striker again, and can continue to shoot your striker until you fail to pocket a piece.

Points add up as you continue to win rounds. Did you try these steps?

You and your opponent should place your strikers in the rectangular boundaries on either end of the board. I realized that I had a strange game board in my room, and through a little bit of research, I found out that it was called Carrom. As an exception, though, you can play with three players against each other for points. If you had 5 points based on your opponent’s pieces, and you covered the queen, your score for the round is Not Helpful 9 Helpful Even your feet or knees my not leave your quadrant.


Each of those six pieces should touch the queen and its neighboring piece. What happen if I hit a coin and then that coin hit a foul coin on the arrow. In the event you pocket a piece, you get to continue to play. At any rate, teams or players should sit opposite from one another. What if i put queen in carrom pocket and by mistake opponents coin goes in.

Carrom Rules

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. It may be easier to maneuver if you’re new to carrom. Cookies make wikiHow better.

Rulew Carrom board is a large wooden board that contains a variety of markings. Simply explained and the figures are helpful.

If you’re new to the game, it’s a ih idea to practice gripping and hitting the striker a few times before playing. AT Anisha Tandon Mar 20, Can I hit a coin that is on the arrow next to my baseline? This is a foul. You would place your hand sideways on the board, so your ring and pinky finger are pressed on the board.

Translate carrom board rules in tamil in Tamil in context

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Hope this makes sense! Usually, a coin flip is used to determine who goes first, but there are no strict rules. You play rounds until one player has reached 29 points. Determine who goes first and have that player break the circle.

In the fifth round, you score 8 points. Help answer questions Learn more. Eventually, someone should hit 29 points or higher, allowing the game to end. English kho kho game rules in tamil. Do I pocket carrom men if there is only one carrom men and a queen on the board?

  ASTM G154-12 PDF

One of your pieces will be returned to the board as a penalty. The striker may not touch the diagonal arrow line.

Carrom Rules – Carrom

Users are now asking for help: When Queens due happened how many pieces are return on the carrom board. Place your middle finger on the back of your thumb; let go while applying pressure against your thumb to flick. Not Helpful 8 Helpful Penalize players for fouls.

Tips When first playing the game, have patience. If borad mistake you end up pocketing the carrom men first, then all the points for the queen are with the other team. In addition to having one of your pieces returned to the board, pocketing an opponent’s piece comes with an additional penalty.

Sebastian Orellana Jun 10, Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. Under certain circumstances, you can pocket the queen but not “cover” it, and rulws queen will be returned to the board.