Primary Perception has 47 ratings and 13 reviews. Linda Branham said: After reading a chapter about Cleve Backster in Derrick Jensen’s a Language Older t. 22 Dec Grover Cleveland Backster Jr. could always spot a liar. (he called it “primary perception”) that could detect and respond to human thoughts. Primary Perception: Look Into. „The Secret Life of Plants‟. (Part 1 of 2). An interview with Cleve Backster and a look at his seminal work on primary perception.

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Jesse Walker rated it it was amazing Mar 07, Lists with This Book. The thoughts expressed in this book expanded my perception of consciousness and for that I am grateful. Wondering if there are electronic copies to be lerception, or perhaps a possibility of a reprinting?

Primary perception

Biologist Arthur Galston pdrception St. Burt Jurgens rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Had a mini debate with someone about plants and their ability to feel pain, emotion, etc. Primary Perception details Backster’s astounding discovery that the cells of our body–even when removed and observed at a distance– After reading a chapter about Cleve Backster in Derrick Jensen’s a Language Older than Words Part of me backsyer always felt they are no different than humans or animals in regards to their basic response to pain, emotion etc.

Trivia About Primary Perceptio This made Backster try different scenarios, and the readings went off the chart when he pictured burning the leaf, because according to him, the plant registered a stress response to his thoughts of harming it. But he was ridiculed and scorned for daring to suggest something that others were afraid to accept, or even to hear: The Silva Mind training, all the way through, is always talking about the quality of your thoughts, the positive thinking, better and better.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The author, Bob Stone, was another good friend – a Silva Instructor for twenty years, and coauthor of several books with Jose Silva. But in February he became known for plant telepathy.

Richie Zxy rated it it was amazing Apr 24, Curious to measure how long it took water to reach the leaves of a dracaena cane plant, Backster attached polygraph electrodes to it. Jenifer rated it really liked it Apr 18, You can see the size: The pen jumped right off the top of the percepyion.

This sounds like an extraordinary claim. Backster thought so and named it “primary perception”. Cleve Backster Cleve Backster in He dipped a leaf into warm coffee.

Cleve Backster has been demonstrating that for more than 40 years. But the negative stuff, right away you these bursts of electrical activity from the cells that have been separated from the donor.

He had some strange at the time theories and certainly performed some extraordinary experiments in the course of his work. The building was empty and there psrception just no other reason for this reaction. He might just be your hero.

Late one night after everyone else had gone home, he decided to conduct an experiment just to see what would happen. These discoveries have opened up a n This is the only book by Cleve Backster himself, describing 36 years of research in biocommunication, observed electrical responses in plant life and other living organisms.

Of course, as Bzckster Sagan wrote, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Do Plants Have Feelings?

Cleve Backster

Andrew rated it it was amazing May 07, Backster’s findings are not without their critics. Backster’s study of plants began in the s, and he reported observing that a polygraph instrument clevf to a plant leaf registered a change in electrical resistance when the plant was harmed or even threatened with harm. Most amazing is his work with human leukocytes. Archived from the original on Topics Research Far out. I had to read this book to learn more. His work was inspired by the research of clefe Jagadish Chandra Bosewho claimed to have discovered that playing certain kinds of music in the area where priary grew caused them to grow faster.


Scientific Truth Verification, Lie Detection. I’ve long thought there was far more to plant life than just the brainless, cellular fact of empty life.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nov 03, Anne Ward rated it liked it Shelves: There’s no doubt about it that your thoughts can permeate every cell of your body, without going through any of the conventional communications systems.

List of parapsychologists Skeptics of parapsychology.

Primary perception | Education | The Guardian

Mar 21, James M. It’s worth reading, but you probably won’t enjoy perceptino it so much as thinking about the implications of what you’ve read. Backster’s work became popular and drew public attention, [6] and his findings were similar to the beliefs of HindusBuddhists and New Age followers.

Aug 13, Jen marked it as to-read. Cynthia Larson rated it it was amazing Dec 07, This book is quite fascinating.