“Collision Low Crossers” takes its title from the game’s esoteric terminology, which Dawidoff came to know well. The Jets use the phrase to. Collision Low Crossers has ratings and reviews. victor said: An excellent in depth look at the behind-the-scenes operations of the New York Jets. This essay is excerpted from Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football, by Nicholas Dawidoff, published by.

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Unfortunately it’s pages long. He was also, obviously, an extremely talented writer. But this is an outstanding book. Mark Sanchez is about as flaky as I imagined him to be. Their stories bring out the best in human nature, and at times the worst.

If there’s a major problem in the book it lies in the number of people and the difficulties growing out of trying to keep over characters straight. Seeing all the behind the scenes work that goes into an NFL team before the players hit the field truly is amazing. On it’s face, it’s a book about professional basketball, but it’s so much deeper than that. The story told in this book is how brutal life off the field can be not only for the players who endure what they do on the field in return for close to zero job security and long-term prospects but also for the coaches.

However it is fraught with a problem in my opinion and that is that the author loses objectivity and I think this happens here to quite a large extent.

You realize in reading this book just how much preparation goes into each game, and how minute a portion of a player’s time is spent facing that week’s opponent. It’s hard to finger what had changed coollision but Crpssers was paying more attention to the It’s crozsers to write a thorough review of a book on here for several reasons. When the book coollision, you feel as if you too have spent a year with the Jets, feeling the ups and downs they’ve been crosserw, saying goodbye to friends as they move on to different teams.

Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football

The Girl on the Train. Game action is kept to a minimum not a bad thing for reasons I’ll explain in a minute but players appear as little more than caricatures. His coaching staff is composed of bright football minds who are also close friends.

Maybe that was his intent; give us a view of the team as an insider where crossesr is all for one and one for all but to me it is sycophantic and ingratiating and contributes to my learning a lot less than would be achieved by a more objective approach. The Wrong Side of Goodbye.


Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football by Nicholas Dawidoff

You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. The provision of a complete appendix listing all the personnel and roles helps with this issue. I certainly didn’t want to read another negative book on the Jets, but SPOILER ALERT, in case you don’t follow football the season ends in one of the most spectacular flameouts imaginable, where a wide receiver gets tossed out of the huddle for being too much of a dick to his teammates.

Sep 20, M. He wrote for Sports Illustrated, resigning to freelance. Furthermore, there’s a solid mix of races in the coaching staff, perhaps easing some of the issues.

I thought this book deserved a few words though- both good and bad. Ryan and his coaches did their best to mitigate this problem but when fifty-three plus men spend what seems to be their entire waking hours together over a six month period the negativity of human nature usually holds forth. He is fulsome in his praise of him as a man and clearly admires his character and “hail fellow, well met” bonhomie. When first picking this book up, I thought it would be more from the players standpoint versus the coaches, but it truly was based from the coaches point of view.

He doesn’t duck the prior life experiences various parties bring to the team: Almost every person in that room resembled a man whose fiancee has broken up with him without warning. The daily grind of early mornings, grueling practices, nagging injuries, constant fatigue and hunger, the perpetual feeling that all of the work you have put in could be negated by a fluky outcome, the whim or a coach or referee, or just plain not performing your best on game day wears on you.

The real action happens behind the scenes, mostly watching f the lolmythesis collisiom of Collision Low Crossers would go something like “NFL football has nothing to do with what you see on TV; the important stuff happens on weekdays in office buildings, and is far more grueling than you ever imagined.

And Let me put this book in context.

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With one exception–there’s a crosseers scene where the coaches let him call a few plays in a preseason game. Dawidoff writes not just as a fly on the wall but as someone who has been taken in as a family member of the Jets, getting both coaches and players to open up to him, truly humanizing the sport, and it’s not always pretty. Lewis, complicit in a double murder, spent the rest of his career after he beat the rap cultivating an image of Christian piety, devoted fatherhood, and ferocious onfield leadership, and the NFL colilsion happy to help him sell it.

They create scandals where none exist, they are relentlessly negative convinced that negativity will sell more papersand they know absolutely nothing about football. They tell you not to judge a book by its cover, but this title almost made me not read it. And for all that, they also lost their players and colleagues and their jobs.


And I thought there should have been more written about the Week 17 incident, where Santonio Holmes gets thrown out of the huddle in the game at Miami. I would have thought he could have tapped into that a little — how Tomlinson feels about getting demoted behind Shonn Greene. That was really half of NFL coaching – thinking of one’s players as characters, each with a set of skills to model in the endless sequence of narrative experiments that sixteen times a regular season became a game plan.

Bush comes to visit and it prompts a whole discussion from the author about why folks whose livelihood was effectively ruined by his economic policies ended up still voting for him. Oct 04, G. I am also not a NYJets fan, but I found it easy to be pulled into the personalities and tens I enjoyed this book because it was such a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see behind the scenes of an NFL team from draft to post-season.

Head injuries are referred to in maybe a few paragraphs at most. The Ocllision coach is Rex Ryan, a big-hearted, larger than life devotee of the game who is often mistaken for a buffoon. It does not purport to provide deep insight into the strategy of the game and if it has any colpision angle it tries to bring a sense of humanity to the sport. If you have even a passing interest in football, or for that matter an opinion llw the state of football, or even an anthropological interest in our sports-obsessed society, I highly recommend giving this book a read.

Overall rating No ratings yet 0. Part of the reason Katherine Boo’s book is so phenomenal is that she was standing amidst the action for basically every minute of the story, and we the reader never knew it until we got to the acknowledgements. Get The Weekender in your inbox:. There were times it seemed as if the paragraphs did not connect in a cohesive manner, but that is to be a bit expected because of the expansive “cast of characters,” many with different tasks and agendas.

For coaches work at the facility is a full time business. He and others made for a very dysfunctional Jets organization where players pretty much march to croswers own beat and management and coaches are at their mercy.