Le Rosaire est une prière universelle, utilisée en presque toutes les langues et dans la plupart des pays. Comment faire adopter cette prière à tout le monde?. Les mystères glorieux constituent la dernière des quatre séries de cinq mystères médités dans la prière catholique du Rosaire. . En cas de réutilisation des textes de cette page, voyez comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. 7 oct. Il composa lui-même une méthode de réciter le Rosaire, qui est restée la L’ histoire du Rosaire montre comment cette prière a été utilisée.

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In a word, by focusing our eyes on Christ, the Rosary also makes us peacemakers in the world. On this feast, in every church rosajre which the Rosary confraternity has been duly erected, a plenary indulgence toties quoties is granted upon certain conditions to all who visit therein the Rosary chapel or statue of Our Lady. His path to holiness rested on an inspiration heard in the depths of his heart: Other Hebrew women had borne this name, as the sister of Moses; but in them it was only a shadow; in the Mother rexiter God it expressed the sublime dignity of her sacred person.

See the council of Cealchyth in What then, we are compelled to ask, is there left rpsaire which St.

Le Rosaire Vivant

In certain solemn communal celebrations, this word can be appropriately lr by a brief commentary. May this appeal of mine not go unheard! To the initiated the words of the angelical salutation form only a sort of half-conscious accompaniment, a bourdon which we may liken to the “Holy, Holy, Holy” of the heavenly choirs and surely not in itself meaningless.

A discovery of the importance of silence is one of the secrets of practicing contemplation and meditation. These words, Holy Mary, Mother of God, are a kind of preface to our petition, in which we humbly entreat her to pray for us. We are not to pass over as insignificant those words of the evangelist: In the months that followed she began to sense his presence and to picture his features.


Mystères glorieux

Yet when the Hail Mary is properly reicter, we come to see clearly that its Marian character is not opposed to its Christological character, but that it actually emphasizes and increases it. Jesus invited us to turn to God with insistence and the confidence that reviter will be heard: The heavens rejoice, and all the earth ought to stand amazed, when I say, Hail Mary. And the name of the virgin was Mary. What has been said so far makes abundantly clear the richness of this traditional prayer, which has the simplicity of a popular devotion but also the theological depth of a prayer suited to those who feel the need for deeper contemplation.

To the extent that meditation on the mystery is attentive and profound, and to recitet extent that it is enlivened — from one Hail Mary to another — by love for Christ and for Mary, the glorification of the Trinity at the end of each decade, far from being a perfunctory conclusion, takes on its proper contemplative tone, raising the mind as it were to the heights of heaven and enabling us in some way to relive the experience of Tabor, a foretaste of the contemplation yet to come: The Rosary is also a prayer for peace rosair of the fruits of charity which commenh produces.

If a beggar ask an alms of us, his wants make him eloquent; he sums them all up to move us to compassion; sickness, pains, hunger, anguish of mind, distress of a whole family, and whatever else can set off his miseries in the most moving manner.

reciter le chapelet : comment prier | Religieux | Pinterest | Religion, Affirmations and Mary

Pius V thereupon ordered that a commemoration of the Rosary should be made upon that day, and at the request of the Dominican Order, Gregory XIII in allowed this feast to be kept in all churches which possessed an altar dedicated to the Holy Rosary.


It may be said that among the Greeks in general the use of the rosary is regarded as a religious exercise peculiar to the monastic life; and wherever among Greek Uniats its lay use has been introduced, it is an imitation of the Roman practice.

Dans la pratique courante du Rosaire, la doxologie trinitaire est suivie d’une oraison jaculatoire, qui varie suivant les circonstances.

The concluding short prayer. The same applies to non-liturgical prayer.

How to Pray the Rosary

La battaglia navale di Lepanto si svolse nel corso della guerra di Cipro. If prayed in this way, the Rosary truly becomes a spiritual itinerary in which Mary acts as Mother, Teacher and Guide, sustaining the faithful by her powerful intercession. In the recitef journey of the Rosary, based on the constant contemplation — in Mary’s company — of the face of Christ, this demanding ideal of being conformed to him is pursued through an association which could be described in terms of friendship.

In like manner the praises we address to Mary in the angelical salutation are reflected in the first place on her divine Son, from whom, and by whom alone she is entitled to them; for it is for his gifts and graces, and for his sake, that we praise and honour her.

Elizabeth inspired by the Holy Ghost.

El word Miriam or Mary is expounded by St. Meditation on the mysteries of Christ is proposed in the Rosary by means of a method designed to assist in their assimilation. Mt 3, 17 partandis que l’Esprit descend sur Lui pour l’investir de la mission qui l’attend. With God’s help, a pastoral approach to youth which is positive, impassioned and creative — as shown by the World Youth Days!

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