Sima Catalin-Ionut. Uploaded by. Sima Catalin- Ionut. imputernicire-administratia-financiara (Sursa ).doc. audiențe: joi de la la , Imobil Str. Frumoasă, nr. ofere întreprinzătorului un extras de carte funciară şi un contract de comodat. contractul de comodat trebuie autentificat la notar??? daca bunul este imobil trebuie autentitificat, daca este mobil (tip autoturism)nu trebuie.

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The notion of family home. English, Romanian PRO pts in category: This Declaration which, after three years, was also F F explicitly mentioned in the Constitution of September 3,indeed remains a symbol of the struggle for the emancipation of the citizen from the yoke of the State power, but not a Charter of the human fundamental rights and liberties and, so much the less, a first reference in this field, as some politologists, jurists, sociologists, philosophers etc.

Forum SAGA

Thus, the social validity represents in fact the forms of realization of the law which, in concrete terms, occurs in two forms: The waiver may be express or tacit prescription. F F The Charter iterates therefore the human rights as they were mentioned not only by the constitutional traditions of the member States of the European Union and by the international and European Treaties and Conventions, but also by the jurisprudence of the Court of justice and of the European Court of human rights, which is also a source of the European law.

I – In the doctrine, discussion was held whether the joint venture is or is not a legal entity between the associates, the starting point being the provisions of art.

However, if at the time of the conclusion of the agreement with the third party, the associates participated along with their association, the third party can promote an action against both of them, following to respond jointly.

So the concept of validity includes, in necessarily mode, the elements that is the concept of social validity is spoke to about a positivist concept of legal validity. Kelsen’s belief is that the law is a system that is based on and develops itself as a perfectly logical deductible system.

Close and don’t show again Close. The occult nature which I referred to is a feature of the joint venture, but without this being the essence of the association, once the associates may bring this to the attention of third parties. You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs or are passionate about them.


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Because of this problem, Mircea Djuvara goes with judiciary conception to cimodat lawyers to strike: Hence, the obligation that the experts jurists, theoreticians and cpntract, write a constitutional text that would mention all the principles enounced by the main international and European documents regarding the human fundamental rights and liberties, whose content conteact make up — next to the constitutional traditions common to the member States — the ensemble of general principles of the Law of the European Union.

The principle of the prohibition of the leonine clause laid down by art. Also very important is the education of persons belonging to groups at high risk of trafficking, to protect them through information campaigns on national phenomenon and implementation of educational programs to enhance human dignity and self protection.

A rule that is effective and is part of a legal system in general, socially effective system, not only loses the legal validity just fact that the is not respected frequently and it is not very rarely sanctioned, because in the case of the individual rules the social efficiency does not condition of legal validity that this rule is already part of rules of law system social efficient. Specific of legal rules other than the social rules, the purpose or scope of these rules, their mechanism of operation in the society, relations with law with the state, the public power, all these aspects is in so many branches and chapters of law.

I – admit another solution, it would mean accepting the possibility of damage or even fraud to the interests of the third party with which an agreement has been made.


According to paragraph 2 of art. Romanian PRO pts in category: A concrete example of this theory would be that the individuals, to understand the law, can turn to the moral reasonings. But, unfortunately, at the end of the 2nd millenium one could still notice that, in some countries of the European Union, human rights often have a supra-legislative status, as, for example, in France, in Belgium or in Spain, or a simple legislative status, as in Germany, Italy or the northern countries.

These provisions, listed above limitation shall not apply to the right of action for payment of interest and other accessories of mortgage debt, which outside capital cannot be covered after reaching limitation of recovery, the process forced the encumbered asset. Kant’s basic norm, if not limited, would say that you must we obey of the moral point of view to each rules to existing and efficiently which must be interpreted legal point of view whether it is desired or not this interpretation.


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Subject to special legal provisions, the agreement shall terminate and the company shall be dissolved by: That is the reason why for him the human imlbil has an absolute dignity which follows just from this direct relation with the Divinity, and by which it alone — without intermediaries — can find its complete fulfillment. I – acesta a devenit major. For example, the participation thereof, alongside the disposing spouse, to the handing over of the apartment which has been home to the family, to the collection of the price etc.

The parties are the administrating associate called by doctrine the outspoken associate — the person carrying out the commercial activity and who adds a share to the benefits of its business, and the participating associate called by doctrine the occult associate may be any natural or legal person, trader or non-trader. Note, however, that no legal provision requires the division of benefits on an equal basis or the participation in losses equally, whereas otherwise they would violate the freedom of will of the parties and would ignore the ruling character of the rules governing this form of agreement Another consequence of the lack of legal personality is that, in order to protect the very interests outlined in the performance of the association agreement, the promotion in the name or on behalf of the association of any process, and at the same time not to acquire the passive procedural capacity, is impossible.

If the administrating associate assumed the obligation to perform a single commercial operation, the agreement is with immediate execution, and if it has assumed the obligation to perform several operations or a whole trade, it is with successive execution. F F However, art. Other legal documents contained in the matrimonial agreement donations, assignment clauses will produce the effects specific to common law. Elements of the concept of law.