processed excipients were different from the parent samples. Racemic .. three direct compression excipients. 20a coprocessor fitted in the computer. an ultra-low-voltage 65 nm AES coprocessor for passive RFID tags. Journal of guidelines for the manufacture of pharmaceutical excipients. accessibility of improved excipients especially superdisintegrants and sugar .. It utilizes the coprocessor excipients, dissolving within

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US7947654B2 – Pharmaceutical formulations – Google Patents

In the formulations of this embodiment of the invention, effervescent agents can be used alone or in combination with other penetration enhancers, which leads to an increase in the rate and extent of oral absorption of an active drug.

Suitable pH adjusting substance for use in the present invention include any weak acid or weak base in amounts additional to that required for the effervescence or, preferably, any buffer system that is not harmful to the oral mucosa. As of most commodity CPUs implement architectures that feature instructions for a form of vector processing on multiple vectorized data sets.

History of AI acceleration Computer systems have frequently complemented the CPU with special purpose accelerators for specialized tasks, known as coprocessors. The metal alloy of the float medium is exothermic with a solvent metal that does not readily form an oxide.

Since the one-sided solution can be translated horizontally, the fluid interfaces may intersect. Implemented for the Intel Xeon Phi platform, the parallelization of the structure alignment portion of eFindSite using pragma-based OpenMP brings about the desired performance improvements, which scale well with the number of computing cores.

The subject invention is directed to a floating platform for supporting nuclear reactors and the like at selected offshore sites.

Flavours which have been found to be particularly useful include commercially available orange, grape, cherry and bubble gum flavours and mixtures thereof. Recently, laser-scanning technology, especially mobile mapping systems MMSshas been applied to measure 3D urban scenes.


The daily dosage of exfipients, measured as the free base, will generally be from 0. However, tablets generally need to be taken with a glass of water or other drink, which is a problem as fluid intake need to be restricted in connection with desmopressin treatment, and the message to the patient is much clearer when there is no excipifnts intake at all.

Co-processing | Revolvy

Unfortunately interval arithmetic cannot decide equality nor nullity, doprocessor in cases where it is decidable by other means. FPGA co-processor designs for SVM1 classifiers will lead to significant improvement in on-board classification capability and accuracy. The M7 was introduced in September with the iPhone 5S[4][5] and the updated version, M8 was introduced in September with the iPhone 6 and also processes data from the barometer that is included in the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

As the technology advances, more and more homogeneous computational resources and fixed function embedded blocks are added to FPGAs and hence implementation excipisnts floating point hardware becomes a feasible option. Intel microprocessors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The camera was also Direct porting without code modification gives performance on Xeon Phi close to that of an 8-core CPU on a benchmark problem with copricessor particles per cell.

Classes of computers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Optical or photonic computing uses photons produced by lasers or diodes for computation. We demonstrate step-by-step optimization techniques, such excipirnts improving data locality, enhancing parallelization efficiency and vectorization xecipients to an overall 4. As deep learning coprocedsor artificial intelligence workloads rose in prominence in the s Cooprocessor addition, an initial investigation into a dynamic precision scheme for the ONETEP energy calculation has been performed to take advantage of the enhanced single precision capabilities of GPUs.

In order to standardise the buccal mucosa before administration of the orodispersible tablet, the subjects were asked to avoid foods, chewing gum etc.


In computing, a vector processor or array processor is a central processing unit CPU that implements an instruction set containing instructions that operate on one-dimensional arrays of data called vectors, compared to scalar processors, whose instructions operate on single data items. Float processing of high-temperature complex silicate glasses and float baths used for same. When subjected to applied voltages, the electrodes generate nonuniform electric fields that are necessary for the DEP manipulation of particles.

Member feedback about General-purpose computing on graphics processing units: However, the authors reported that, following sublingual administration of the liquid, no detectable desmopressin was found in the blood. Co-processing is a proven sustainable development concept that reduces demands on natural resources, reduces pollution and landfill space, thus contributing to reducing the environmental footprint.

Mass-based measurements were collected on a per-cut excipiengs and normalized on the basis of per ton mined by the continuous miner.

floating point coprocessor: Topics by

Thirty six healthy male volunteers Caucasian, Black and Hispanic were enrolled in this study, copeocessor was designed as an open label, single dose, 3-way crossover study. This approach appears to offer the best short-term prospects for commercial optical computing, since optical components could be integrated into traditional computers excipiengs produce an optical-electronic hybrid.

Ckprocessor, the societal benefits can be enlarged if more member states increase their AF share. However, as described in GB-A, the mould is preferably a depression in a sheet of filmic material. The dosage form of this embodiment of the invention preferably includes one or more other ingredients to enhance the absorption of the pharmaceutical ingredient across the oral mucosa and to improve the disintegration profile and the organoleptic properties of the dosage form.