CS INTERNET PROGRAMMING Lecture Notes.» CS INTERNET PROGRAMMING Lecture Notes. Lecture notes Provided by. Einstein college of. CS INTERNET COMPUTING UNIT – I. FUNDAMENTALS. PART A. 1. What is the difference between node and host? A node is any addressable device. Anna University Chennai B.E Computer Science CS – INTERNET PROGRAMMING Question paper.

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Define response object and list its methods. This facilitates more structured declarations of content and more meaningful search results across multiple platforms.

Layering protocols simplifies the task of communicating over the network and it allows for reuse of layers that are not specific to a particular application. One way to translate a hostname to an IP address is to look it up in a simple text file. What is mean by ptogramming A firewall is a piece of network hardware that serves as a secure gate way between an internal network and internet.

Support large Global networks 3. Explain about URL Encoding. The session is important, as H1TP is a stateless protocol. Anna University – B.

What is the role of server? A port is a logical channel to an application running on a host. Data binding is DHTML feature that lets you easily bind individual elements in your document to prograjming from another source such as database or comma delimited text file. Government jobs in india Loading To use these special characters as content within your document, you must use the corresponding general XML entity.


Informing the remote reference layer that the call should be invoked 4. In contrast, JavaScript scripts are client-side because they are executed by your browser the client.

Scriptlets enable you to create small, reusable web applications that can be used in any web page. What is a multicast socket? ds1401-internet

CS INTERNET PROGRAMMING Nov/Dec Question Paper (Scan Version)

Write down the Socket object methods to get information about a socket. As a moniker, ActiveX can be very confusing because it applies to a whole set of COM-based technologies. List the features of online shopping. For structuring information exchange 3. It is a program or web page that enables you to search an Internet site for a specific keywords or words. Style sheets are collections of style information that are applied to plain text.

Unmarshaling arguments from the marshal stream. What is meant by Stateless Connection? Cs1401-internrt the connection The type of error checking to be used 2. Unlike an application, applets cannot be executed directly from the operating system.

Demand reply functions Anna University Question Papers Loading XML is a meta-markup language that provides a format for describing structured data.


To manage the flow of millions of pages. Such a set of rules is useful in the event of conflicting style information because the rules would give the browser a way to determine which style is given precedence.

2008 Anna University Chennai B.E Computer Science CS1401 – INTERNET PROGRAMMING Question paper

What is meant by loop back address? It begins on the client side with the browser sending a request to the web server for a document. Write an example cs1401-infernet create an Alert popup box.

Content handlers are used to retrieve objects via an URLConnection object. In other words,It describes the valid format of an xml dataset.

CS Internet Programming Syllabus – Source Code Solutions

When a web server receives a HTTP request from a web browser it evaluates the request and returns the requested document, if it exists, and then breaks the HTTP connection. Explain in detail about User Events Monitoring. An optional,yet key element in architects a distributed systems around XML.

Multicasting sends data from one host to many different hosts, which are in the multicast group.