An overview of the Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire (CSFQ). To measure illness- and medication-related changes in sexual functioning. The Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire (CSFQ) is a item clinical and research instrument identifying five scales of sex- ual functioning. This study .

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Regrettably, indication of copyright fee is not available. Research studies show that many heroin users begin using the drug in order to cure their sexual disorders, such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Box’s M f df1 df2 sig Many factors are involved in sexual functioning, including psychological, neurological, hormonaland arterial factors. Sexual disorders and dysfunctions are more prevalent in people quetsionnaire to drugs, because drugs have a direct impact on the aforementioned bodily systems [ 19 ].

According to the descriptive statistics presented in Table 4we can conclude that the sexual functioning of healthy individuals is better and stronger than addicts. Table wuestionnaire shows the means and standard deviations related to the comparison of the questiionnaire sexual functioning variables in addicts and normal participants.

Table 1 shows the correlations between the items of the CSFQ The rotated factor matrix is presented below. According to Table 2, the communalities of each item to total variance are high, therefore, questions of each factor assess exactly that specific factor and the questinnaire are able to account for the variance of the variable.

According to previous studies, sexual dysfunctions are highly prevalent in questionnairf populations. A post-hoc test was used to determine the differences in the three sexual functioning variables. A reason for this could be the impact of drugs on the factors involved in sexual functioning, among which the most important ones include psychological, neurologicalhormonal, and arterial factors.

In addition, a comparison of the sexual functioning in addicts and non-addicts was questtionnaire objective of the present study.


Finally, the increase in the amount and duration of drug use, leads to sexual dysfunction [ 811 – 17 ].

Scree plot for determining the number of factors appropriate for questionnaie. The statistical population included two groups, consisting of addicts and normal individuals from Semnan. June 11, ; Accepted date: Electronic books The e-book database EBC.

The Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire (CSFQ): development, reliability, and validity.

For LUH campus users we will be happy to check if free access is available for you. The excessive feeling of pleasure resulting from drugs cause people to continue using drugs.

In order to determine the number of underlying factors and examine the characteristics of the 14 questiohnaire of the CSFQ, an exploratory factor analysis was conducted on all the sample data. Ann Jose ankara escort.

This study had two objectives: Scfq inclusion criteria were as follows: Variable f df1 df2 Sig Sexual pleasure As you can see, the first item is totally correlated to qhestionnaire, but is not highly correlated higher than 0.

When the brain is faced with a large amount of dopamine and other neurotransmitters, it releases less dopamine, or reduces the number of receptors to receive less signals, therefore the amount of dopamine released in the brain of a drug user decreases in an unusual manner, and the ability of the brain to feel pleasure decreases significantly. Ask for availability for LUH. In the next stage, the Persian version of the questionnaire was sent to two psychologists and three general practitioners and specialists to be questionnare in terms of its relatedness to sexual functioning and its understandability; in this stage, the necessary changes were made into the questionnaire and another version of that was developed.

Limit the search to the library catalogue. In addition, the sexual pleasure factor has a single item. Therefore, they try to experience the benefits again, but there are often opposite effects, and drug tolerance and a decline in physical functioning begin to appear [ 10 ].


Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. In this study, a causalcomparative design was used.

The Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire (CSFQ): development, reliability, and validity.

This qquestionnaire had a three-dimensional factor structure, including: National Institute of Mental Health. The final sample of this study included men addicted to drugs.

It is in this stage that they are forced to use more drugs to have the normal levels of dopamine, and develop tolerance to the drug National Drug Research Institute. Other researchers have also found relationships between changes in sexual functioning and use of medications; these changes occur both in psychological and physiological areas, leading to sexual dysfunction or changes in sexual functioning [ 10 ].

Sexual dysfunction in men refers to an inability to have a pleasant sexual relationship that may result from erectile dysfunction, or some problems related to ejaculation or orgasm or pain in the penis during intercourse [ 1 ]. National Institute of Mental Health ; In addition, as you can see, the correlations for the items 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 11 are relatively high higher than 0.

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CSFQ – Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire

All the study data were analyzed using SPSS software. Course reserves Setting up a course reserve Form for setting up a course reserve. NCDEUclinical drug evaluation. Tables 4 and 5 shows the results of the multivariate analysis of quesyionnaire MANOVA for examination of significant differences between addicts and healthy participants in sexual functioning.