DA FORM 3433-1 PDF

DA FORM 3433-1 PDF

Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc. DA is the US Department of the Army Form; its full name is a Supplemental Employment Application. As a supplement to standard application procedure. Fill Da Form , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!.

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Employment within the first year after receiving the incentive is prohibited.

Employees who have completed their probationary period may be transferred noncompetitively at their request, as part of an approved career management program, a planned development program, or to effect an organizational realignment in personnel for purposes of maintaining operations, training, or effective management provided that both positions ad comparable in grade, payband level, and appointment category and the employee is qualified for the position.

If established, commanders may delegate the authority to approve student loan repayments to the lowest practicable level. The implementation of an effective and responsible personnel program is essential to ensure compliance with legal requirements and the efficient and economical operation of the NAFIs. Separation of regular employees for cause will be effected in accordance with the procedures in chapter 7.

Conduct compliance review for selection preferenceand priority consideration when recruitment authority is delegated to activity managers in accordance with paragraph 2—5. Employees will have the right to review their record and to add to or amend the record to correct any inaccuracy. Garrison commander or equivalent approval is required prior to an offer of employment being made, as required.

Separated employees can remain on the RPL until reemployed, but no longer than 1 year from the date of their separation or until hired from the RPL or upon declination of an official offer of employment under priority consideration, whichever occurs first.

For employees with rates of basic pay greater than the basic pay for GS—10, step 1, the hourly rate frm is greater of the hourly rate of basic pay for GS—10, step 1, multiplied by 1. The amount of the incentive may be reduced or terminated when it is determined that— 1 A lesser amount or no incentive at all, would be sufficient to retain rorm employee.


The effective date for promotion actions will be the beginning of the first pay period after the action has been.

Resume da form 3433 1

Employee advances to step rate number Army of this Web site or the information, products, or services contained therein. Persons employed by NAF organizations are compensated by NAF, funds which are derived from revenue earned by the various producing activities.

The amount of severance will be paid in a lump-sum payment. The CY payband system is composed of two pay levels or bands. Management Controls and Audits, page However, if the highest previous rate falls between two rates of the grade, the rate of pay will be fixed at the higher rate.

When due to a classification error, pay may be reduced within 60 calendar days of the reclassification. Requests may be made only when the following conditions are present and substantiated:. Supervisors will discuss with the employee the specific reasons that lead to the conclusion that he or 34331- is not suitable.

The appeal will then be forwarded to the appellate authority. Such utilization does not alter the basic appointment terms; however, all hours of work will be credited for leave accrual purposes.

Their standing as individual employees will be comparable to the standing enjoyed by APF civilian employees except as 34433-1 by law and by this regulation. The employee will also be counseled regarding the Disability Retirement Program.

Civilian Personnel Advisory Da form Based upon the reconsideration, the commander promptly will issue a decision in writing. When used, only those candidates meeting the highly qualifying criteria will be referred see para 2—8 c.


Ra as described below, the following is creditable. If the gorm refuses to accept transportation at the end of the designated period, he or she will be considered to have waived the right to return transportation to the United States.

Temporary promotion not to exceed days. The presence of an employee representative in no way abridges, reduces, or affects the authority and responsibility of management to prescribe the duties and responsibilities assigned to each position and to make the required evaluation determination. There is no specified period of incumbency in this situation.

Positions will be filled by mandatory placement under the following conditions:. In case of a dispute, the matter will be resolved in accordance with AR — Pay may not be adjusted above the maximum of the pay level. CY positions are not covered under this authority. The supervisor will discuss the matter with the employee and will explain the basis upon which the job has been evaluated.


Garrison commanders or equivalent may authorize a recruitment incentive to fill flexible positions in CYSS that are guaranteed a minimum of 10 hours per week to alleviate serious staffing shortages impacting the Army mission.

Download Da form 3433 1

The area of consideration may be expanded when the announcement fails to produce sufficient eligible candidates. This HQ will decide whether to request OPM to reopen and reconsider the decision and will notify the employing activity of the determination reached. Referrals may be made using resumes, but an applicant who applies for employment by submitting a resume must complete a DA Form prior to fogm to a NAF position.

Additionally, each position must be reflected on DA Form Specific references are included within appropriate chapters throughout this regulation. To the extent permitted xa law and applicable international agreements, locally available candidates, that is, military spouses, Family members of military and civilian personnel stationed in foreign areas, and U.

Federal Wage System, page If at any time the commander determines that off-duty employment is detrimental to military duty or otherwise withdraws his or her consent to the off-duty employment, the employment fform be terminated.

All vacancy announcements will be posted on USA Jobs and will contain the following:.

When a recruitment or relocation incentive is paid, daa written service agreement must be completed by the employee covering a period of at least 6 months following the requirement published in 5 CFR Selection for any position will be based solely on qualifications.

A retention incentive of up to 25 percent of basic pay may be authorized to RFT and RPT employees in positions without time limitation. Third Monday of February.

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Morale, Welfare, 34331- Recreation. The FWS includes all crafts, trades, and labor positions that are paid on a locality rate basis. Department of the Army.