DIN 74324 PDF

DIN 74324 PDF

Polyamide tubes (PA 12 H) – bar form, (DIN / DIN )* (10 various items) – Order before , same day dispatch. DIN ISO General tolerances; tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications; identical with ISO Standard [WITHDRAWN] DIN Air braking systems; thermoplastic tubings; requirements and tests. German title.

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Eventual special prices are valid at the IKH Online Store and with the dealers who participate in the campaign. Polyurethane Coil Tubing 1, 2 or 3 Cores.

There is no limit for the total amount of product rows. Keskustie 26, Kauhajoki AS Tel. DIN The standard that defines testing methods for polyamide tubes designed for use in air braking systems.

Brake tube PA12, DIN 74324, black

Product groups Hand tools Technical machines and devices Accessories Accessories for tractors and machines Spare parts for tractors Spare parts for machinery and harvesters Hydraulics and pneumatics Workwear, protective equipment Ladders, scaffolding, storing Lifting and lashing Fastening equipment, door fittings Chemicals, lubricants Trailers and accessories Tyres, djn, snow chains, ice studs Batteries.

Add 774324 to Shopping list. You can add comments about the products on the list, and these will also be included on your printed shopping list. Your search gave no results. KG Stainless Steel Fittings. Burst pressure between 45 bar bar which is related within the diameter and the wall. Product info Uncompromised quality to ensure vin operation ToppStop brake lines are always black in color Materials: Barcodes for each product will be included in the list.


Nylon tube PA12P40, for pneumatics and compressed air. Online Store availability is indicated in connection with the products.

Material handling ein furnishing. Tubes manufactured using a number of types of the PA11, PA12, co-polyester and elastomer raw materials having different characteristics meet this standard. ISO The international standard covering coiled ein assemblies for air braking systems, and covers the same test methods as the DIN Order by product code. Please check availability from your nearest Etra Megacenter store.

DIN is the norm which defined methods for testing the requirements of polyamide hoses used in air-brake systems.


Manufactured for more than 40 years from oil sources LaurynlactamPA12 is a techno-polymer used in dinn demanding applications on account of its excellent properties: Building maintenance and cleaning. Industrial tapes and marking products. Tubes manufactured using all varieties of the PA6, PA11, PA12 raw materials having different characteristics meet this standard. Compressed air tools and compressors.


Polyamide 12 tubes easy to use with automatic fittings. Copy the product rows from Excel by selecting adjacent columns where the first one contains product codes and second contains quantity.

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Tubes manufactured using a number of types of the PA6, PA11, PA12 raw materials having different characteristics meet this standard. LQ3 Hygienic Fluoropolymer Connectors. Email recipients You can enter several email addresses, separated by commas.

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