Dust Rob Bell [Video Download] by Rob Bell. This file contains NOOMA , Dust in MP4 format. The MP4 video file format is meant for playback on a. I’ve watched a number of the NOOMA videos, but I’m not sure if I’ve seen Dust. I have heard the sermon that it’s based on however, and therein. Directed by Santino Stoner. With Rob Bell. NOOMA Dust (). 12min | Short | Video 1 August · Add a Plot» Credited cast: Rob Bell Himself.

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NOOMA Dust (Video ) – IMDb

Nonetheless, I find this concept somewhat straightforward. I said I would definitely not stock the latter, anymore than I would stock books by Marcus Borg or Shelby Spong which seek to suggest that nothing we read in scripture is historically reliable.

I always recommend dst people listen to his sermons before criticizing him. That is all he was teaching. He is not trying to be something he is not i.

I just commented on your review of Nooma Vids before reading this one. We need to not forget we are talking about the Creator of all, no mistakes, knowledge of everything here. I noticed the same idiosyncracies as the critic on the Aletheia site. Peter is just not sure he can do it, and he begins to sink. Comment by paulthinkingoutloud — February 24, 9: Too big for him to jooma. This simply punctuates how very different he operated than later more patriarchally oriented rabbis.


Thanks to Yuckabuck for the heads up. He wonders what the heck he is doing out there. I’ve been using the nooma videos at my church and they seem to strike a chord everytime its played for small groups.

The nooma RAIN was given to several people who had cancer. He needed to act on all that faith meant in that moment. Garrison Keillor on “Those People called Methodist This context is a unique presentation of a unique concept that applies to one disciple in one particular time and place. This should drive some of the same people equally nuts. But there is no mistaking he has interacted deeply with the first principles of the Gospel, like forgiveness.

There is no mention of the Holy Spirit guiding and leading into Christlikeness and it seems to jar with Paul’s experience of living the Christian life from Romans Notify me of new posts via email. Jesus is unmistakably walking on water. I remember that video, and it was a good message, an encouraging message. This is NOT a generational issue.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully his work through nooma will lead other gifted Christian communicators to consider using the same format or something similar to reach the world. Rob is at his best when he is relating his own personal experiences to the Scriptures, and here he is dealing with his son lying to him about something he had taken from someone and then again about hitting his brother.


NOOMA Dust 008 Rob Bell – Trailer

I do not know who they are pitched at, the ones I have watched probably 5 or so at the moment lack challenge to be used in an evangelical setting and are really quite basic there is not much depth which I see you cover in these reviews. Comment by ash — September 27, May it never be that we mix such darkness with the True Light!

This site uses cookies. Rob Bell never even came close to implying that Peter was walking on the water because he believed in himself. It Takes A Church Rob emphasizes that God and Jesus have faith in us, entrust us with the task of making more disciples.

I do xust believe it is and if God believed in us, believed that we have the capacity to do what Jesus did, to say what Jesus said, to be Jesus sorry dropped into Nolma mode then why did he send Christ in the first place? But they are not pure. Indeed, it does and it should. Not only was Jesus not a rabbi, like later rabbis, but neither was anyone else really before 70 A.