Player’s Guide to Eberron (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Eberron Supplement) [James Wyatt, Keith Baker, Luke Johnson, Steven Brown]. Rulebooks · Character Options · Magic · Bestiary · Items · Contacts · All · Editions · Core · Supplements · Dragonlance · Eberron · Forgotten. Player’s Guide to Eberron is a supplement to the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. Contents. 1 Contents; 2 Publication history.

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Wizards, sorcerers, bards, and druids similarly use their magic to fur ther the mission of the order.

NPC templars look a lot like PCs, and they are most likely to be encountered as allies. T h e elves apply themselves to thei r work with uncanny devotion; an elf bowyer might spend centuries hon ing his skills, and make bows the like of which a human bowyer could only dream of.

You are not necessar-ily platers about life’s harsh realities, but you retain a sense Thunvarch, a restless wanderer of wonder that no amount of bitter experience has yet playets able to quash. You still re ta in some of that youthful, wide-eyed dreaminess and a sense that the world is full of wonders just waiting to be explored.

Your faith in the Silver Flame drives you to wage u n e n d i n g war against the evil in the world, wherever it might be foundeven if it lies within your adventuring party, your church, or yourself. They might not happen very often, but that just makes it all the more memorab le when you do glean some useful informat ion from your studies of archi tecture and eng inee r ing!

The Forge of War: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Keeping templar PCs happy in the organization is rela-tively easy: T h e changel ings known as becomers immerse themselves in many d i f ferent iden t i t i e s. The priests of the Undy-ing Cour t guide the elves through life and care for them after death. Drop the names of scholars both renowned and obscure into your conversations. Some legends claim that greater powers of the Nightclaw can only be un locked by one who is wi l l ing to replace his own right hand with it.


[D&D ] Eberron – Player’s Guide To

Knowledge the planes DC Even farmers and other laborers pursue thei r duties with extreme devo-tion, seeking perfection in all they do. Beneath the High Warden are four Wardens, each bear-ing nominal responsibility for one of the other four inhabited continents: Change l ings can al ter the i r physical form to pass as members of another race or the opposite gender.

You might eventually grow so accustomed to life eberrln more civilized people that you don ‘ t want to r e t u r nor become restless and uneasy among your own people when you see them again.

He fought against House Vol when that line was shattered and continues to lead the Deathguard after his own demise. The Keeper of the the same.

When you’re not so lucky, you still need to bear your house’s interests in mindlooking for oppor tuni t ies to advance your own house or deal a setback to a competing one. You yearn to discover mighty artifacts and lost magical secrets. T h e wisecrack is like an off-hand weapon for you.

Most out landers make some effort to prac-tice the t radi t ions and rituals of their homeland no matter how far they travel. In their reverence for thei r ancestors, the Aeren i were de t e rmined to find a way to preserve their heroes through their interest in the art of nec ro -mancy.

Perhaps they were natives of Cyre who lost everyth ing they had on the Day of M o u r n i n g. Even though you’ve probably been d is -owned, you’re used to a life of relative luxury, and your habits and m a n n e r i s m s reflect that. As an alternative, your background might be considerably more exotic: Congratulationsyou’ve found a way.


Player’s Guide to Eberron – Wikipedia

Once accepted as a templar, you can expect to spend a week in a templar monastery, usually in T h r a n ereceiving your initial t ra ining. The Puri tans are only the most prominent of these sects, b r ing ing a literal reading of sacred p r o n o u n c e -ments and a rigidly moralist ic view of society to their wor-ship of the Flame.

Ruins of such incredibly ancient date are most common in the Demon Wastes, though several exist 3.5 Q ‘ba r ra and Xen ‘d r ik as well, such as the lizardfolk city of Ka ‘ rhashan in Q ‘ba r r a.

Is it so wrong to want to shape your own destiny? T h e streets are your homethe gut te rst r u t h be toldand you know the back alleys and the cr iminals of your home city as well as eberrln know your own gear.

Eberron (D&D 3.5 manuals) Series

Faiths of Eberron by Jennifer Clarke Wilkes. Alternatively, you could be par t of the r is ing middle class in one of Khorvaire ‘s splendid metropolises, born to wealth without eberroj privilege of name or title.

But the PCs and their chosen foes are like pinpoints of bright light and utter darkness pllayers a much larger sea of murky gray, fighting an u n en d i n g crusade that can easily become a tool in someone’s play for power within the church.

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