The day is full of events for students of Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University will begin with a choir group followed by the theatrical performance. Written by. He set the first play that he wrote in the os, El pescado indigesto (Indigestible Fish) (), in the Roman Republic. The play reads like a typical Roman. Tres obras de teatro: El pescado indigesto, El tren amarillo y El desgraciado incidente del reloj. avg rating — 3 ratings. Want to Read.

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Ayman Agour marked undigesto as to-read Apr 03, As the trial proceeded and the witnesses were questioned, different versions of what happened were played out before the seated judge as well as three actors dressed and made up to represent statues of a crucified Jesus flanked by two human angels. As a pwscado, Manf hall is a veritable nightmare — not only for performers and directors, but also for the audience.

Another ambitious project from Northern Egypt based on a foreign play was Al-Mansoura theatre club’s simplified version of Brecht’s last, unfinished play, Torandot, or the Whitewashers’ Congressadapted and directed by Ahmed El-Disouqi. The weather did not help either. Such an important annual event that brings to Cairo the best in regional theatre clubs all over the country certainly deserves a better showcase.

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القطار الاصفر by Manuel Galich

In the introduction to the play Galich says: Kharbasha won its authoress the second award for Best Playwright. An expressionistic piece with minimal dialogue and lots of pipes alternately shooting blood and water, it won its stage designer, Khalid Atallah, the top prize for Best Scenography.

Here, the effects of Sadat’s economic open door policy on this coastal town and the destruction of its old way of life and traditional economy were the focus. Nor was it of interest to me in El pescado indigesto to weigh whether the vices the poet and indigesgo contemporaries attributed to the great general were true or not.

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture | Roses on a rubbish dump

The only touch of beauty in this humble place is provided by two magnificent trees that have been standing there long before the hall existed and still spread their shade over the whole area.

Hopefully, next year’s festival will bring us more from Upper Egypt and will find a more decent venue to host its guest performances. A satirical take on intellectual corruption and the role of intellectuals as apologists for corrupt political regimes, the play uses a Chinese fairytale that has appeared in many forms, including Puccini’s opera of the same name, to tell in fifteen scenes, in Brecht’s typical “epic theatre” style, how an emperor when faced with a plentiful cotton harvest, a crop he has heavily invested in, is advised to hide it in his warehouses to avoid a drop in the sale prices and, consequently, diminished profits.


This axiom is embodied in the play in the relationship of Mamurra, the military supplier and unscrupulous businessman, with Caesar, which is described in the play as “a tight marriage”. As Fiona Mountford remarked in The Evening Standard on 16 September,”the piece rambles off on typically Brechtian tangents, before bewilderingly abandoning its original set-up almost entirely for an Arturo Ui-like rerun of gun-toting Chicago gangsters.

القطار الاصفر

Javier Flores rated it really liked it Jan 24, Asmaa Fouad marked it as to-read Apr 20, The play was adapted and directed by Karam Metawe’ in the early s and featured veteran comedian Abdel-Rahman Abu Zahra, as the demented guard of the cemetery, and film star Yehia El-Fakharani as the sophisticated, urbane visitor. Return to Book Page. Perhaps because it was never finished, the play is a bit confusing.

Though the Festival’s two former venues were quite primitive and lacking in decent technical equipment, compared to them, Manf Hall is positively a comedown. Open Preview See a Problem?

Here, the story of the famous hunchback and his beloved Esmeralda is processed through the form of a court-room drama in which the hunchback is tried for the murder of Esmeralda and used as a vehicle for denouncing the alliance of corrupt political power with pescadp corrupt clergy. Current issue Previous issue Site map.

Al-Batanoon theatre club was luckier. At this inauspicious venue, this year’s Closing Festival of Theatre Clubs the 20 ththe last of a series of smaller festivals and competitions held by the Cultural Palaces organisation every year at different times and various regional centres to pick out the best productions by theatre clubs, was held from 23 to 30 September.

Yasin El-Sheikh composed the music for both productions and it proved the best element in both, winning him the award for Best Musical Scores in the festival. Dressed in white and encased in a box-like structure of ropes like flies trapped in a spider’s web, the actors tried to encompass in the space of less than an hour all the problems that face young people in Egypt today. He supported the Castro revolution and helped establish the model for new political theatre in Cuba, where he lived for many years.


He was instrumental in the overthrow of the Jorge Ubico regime in and subsequently served as Minister of Education, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and ambass —84 Guatemalan playwright from a theatrical family.

Khalid Abdel Salam’s adaptation, though it severely abridged the play, preserved its virulent attack on foreign capitalists and the dictatorial regimes that profit from foreign investment, at the same time strongly highlighting the regime’s manipulation of the mass media to delude the people pescaado serve its own interests. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. In such conditions as idigesto above, it was a wonder that so many performances could make an impact.

Hend rated it liked it Mar 24, Besides its topical relevance, this version of Galich’s play had the added virtues of being decently designed, nimbly directed and competently performed. On such occasions, the ground is spread over with rugs that often crumple and trip up the audience in the dark and rows of ordinary chairs of different styles and sizes big ones for the important guests, smaller ones for the rest are placed in front of the stage and removed afterwards.

When the people complain and ask where all the cotton has gone, the emperor asks a body of sophist-like intellectuals in his service, here called the Telius a corruption of the word ‘intellectual’ coined by Brecht after attending the congress for the defence of freedom to describe the leftwing thinkers who sat around debating while Hitler brutally consolidated his hold on power to supply a convincing answer. The human statues reacted to the proceedings in a telling way by minimal changes in gesture and posture, and when finally the collusion of the prosecutor with the real criminal, a powerful military figure, is revealed, the hunchback and Jesus exchange places while the clergy and military stand around laughing triumphantly.

Its colourful version of Shakespeare’s King Learadapted and directed by Mustafa Murad and performed as a circus act cum puppet show by clowns in motley under the direction of a circus master cum puppeteer, won its stage-designer, Abdel-Rahman El-Gammal, the second award for Best Scenography.

Besides, with two performances scheduled every night, there was hardly enough time for the second performance crew to set the stage and adjust the lighting.