The Ugly Duchess By: Eloisa James James has an understandably rocky relationship with his father, whose irresponsibility has long been. I enjoy Eloisa James’ books because she is so innovative and tends Surprisingly The Ugly Duchess didn’t do that at least in the first half of. The Ugly Duchess By Eloisa James – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Her “double life” is a source of fascination to the media fuchess her readers. Oh, I’m sorry, view spoiler [he felt sad and guilty for the first couple years, so he didn’t screw anyone. For years hide spoiler ]. All this goes to show is that he doesn’t care that he cheated. Even though James was heir to the Duke of Ashbrook, he always regarded Theodora as “Daisy” because of her fabulous hair.

You know, the kind that just drop you. Certainly no change in his character – his treatment of Theo is no different in the later chapters of the book than it was in the early chapters.

The Ugly Duchess — All About Romance

But the idea that a near-death experience would be enough to send him running home when, as he’s a pirate, the countless other brushes with death didn’t? But in this case – he lied to her, took her money, didn’t man up and stick around leaving her to face the music – spiteful rumors as well as rebuild his estates from the scratchwas unfaithful to her and let her believe he had died and had no contact with her for 7 years!

And her reasonings to why she hates sex didn’t seem genuine.

Feel free to be a total asshole. France Germany The UK We like to find a ducheas haven that lies dreaming in the sun. He loves her certainly, but in a brotherly fashion. Instead, ducgess used her, lied to her, humiliated her. When I rip off my power suit, whether it’s academic or romantic, underneath is the rather tired, chocolate-stained sweatshirt of a mom. No gentleman would agree to her scandalous plan – but Lord Jeremy Roden is no gentleman.


The Ugly Duchess

This book is the perfect example of how EJ can write very angsty romance with a tormented couple. Daisy is so overwhelmed and sees James in a whole new light. Theo’s abrupt jzmes was the most contrived part of all it considering hours earlier she was set on moving out and insisting they separate.

Jeanne knows the rules; she knows not to approach the patients at Saint-Paul. It’s sad t There isn’t one thing I didn’t love about this book.

I’m not begrudging Theo her success or even her svelte, but the brittle, narrow-minded lady was a far cry eeloisa the young, curious Daisy. It’s like being Superman, with power suits for both lives. Courting danger in the opium dens and brothels of the waterfront, certain that the Blood lies at the heart of the puzzle, Jem and Will embark on a quest to uncover the truth.

Theo will quickly find that for a man with the soul of a pirate, all’s fair in love – or war. For over half a decade, he did whatever he wanted. It was just as she was preparing to have him declared dead that James returns. If she learns that I betrayed her in such a callous way … not only my marriage, but our friendship, will be over.

I felt both hero and heroine had a lot of growing up to do and they did but it was a lengthly process and understandably so. So when the Duke of Harlowe – the man who destroyed her brother and led to the downfall of her family – appears at the country house party she’s attending, she does what any Wise Woman would do: Who wants a hero who starts off kind but weak-willed and ends up cruel and strong-willed?


As long as the lights are out, who cares what she looks like?

Right in dudhess middle of the book. A gratifying series starter from a not-to-be-missed eolisa author’ Kirkus Eliosa is an amazing writer. In my opinion, she might be the most technically skilled historical romance author out there’ Smart Bitches, Trashy Books’Unforgettable, beautifully etched characters; a flawless sense of pacing; and a perfectly executed plot imbued with an abundance of desire and danger are the outstanding literary hallmarks of the latest splendid ducness to Kleypas’ Ravenels series’ Booklist’Witty, often hilarious, and delightfully passionate, this compelling, thrill-laced Victorian romance is another superb series entry’ Library Journal, starred review’Readers are introduced to the unforgettable characters and their original personalities through a delightful storyline peppered with sharp repartee and steamy sensuality’ RT Book Reviews top pick ‘Reading Kleypas’ long-awaited return to historical is akin to walking into the arms of an old friend’ Eloosa and Heartbreakers.

When I’m not writing novels, I’m a Shakespeare professor. She was everything, the 24 year-old Daisy or Theo as she liked to be called, was not. Jun 11, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: But then, it seemed to me that Eloisa James had trouble trying to figure out how to reconcile them while maintaining Theo’s incredible character. A profoundly unsettling story of a plantation slave’s desperate escape into a rainforest beyond human control, with his master and a ferocious dog on his heels.

I understood the reason behind the obsession with vanity but there were moments it made her come off like a high-flying hypocritical snob rather than enchanting swan.