Sonic State:SynthSite:E-mu Esi Specifications. Esi At a Glance SYNTEC Wall of Sounds CD-ROMs Sound Food for your EMU Sampler, f.e. images | specs. Description. ESI is the very latest in the long line of high quality and affordable E-mu sampling products. ESI features kHz and kHz. Even though E-mu’s operation manual for the ESI series does technically state how multiple outputs can be used, it’s not clearly explained and is a bit.

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It’s a 64 voice sampler with 4 MB sampling expandable to MB.

What’s your setup right now? I also agree about the awesome filters, rock solid performance i only had one sample get corrupted and it was because someone tripped over the sampler while it was saving and great sound.

E-mu ESI-4000 Turbo Multiple Output Configuration Guide

Just upgraded mine with manuzl compact flash reader. I can’t believe that there was never a guy who recorded his dog growling, or a door creaking, or whatever, effected the crap out of it until it sounded so cool he just had to show the world, and then put it up in a format I can use on an ESI fan forum!

Found a new wormhole to go down! If the emu is more predictable to use, I’d like to hear about some of the pros and cons involved in the interface.


With its ability to grow with your needs, eemu ESI may be the only sampler you’ll ever need to buy!

In many cases, the ESI can import and convert programs faster than the source unit! I’ve got some research to do. The Sonic Enhancer adds brilliance and cut to a sample, helping it to stand out in a mix. Do you know any info about the format?

Also, is it possible to use then esi as a simple looper? The ESI is available in three varieties: The ESI can access up to samples per bank arranged in up to presets.

So happy I don’t have to deal with Zips any more. Also, when using stereo instruments with stereo bussing then MIDI panning should not be moved from the center position, unless intentionally adjusting the stereo balance.

I’d say grab it.

Bought it new, upgraded it to 72 Mb, added a ZIP drive. Already have an account?

E-Mu ESI | Sound Programming

It can be found here: You have to load it in. For this reason, I usually recorded my own samples, or simply loaded stuff from the CD library included with it. Thanks for your input everyone. ESI – Triggering a sample to play to the end Also, the SPDIF is a digital output and may be preferable to the analog main outputs in certain situations and setups, regardless of effects usage.

I’d like to be able to at least leave a piano sample on it for quick practicing, and maybe some drum samples.


E-mu ESI | Vintage Synth Explorer

While most of these concepts apply to the base model, this guide is specifically meant for the ESI with the Turbo expansion card, as this ESI 4K Turbo has highest number of outputs. So far it is sounds great and is a pleasure to use. There is a host of powerful DSP capabilities and sample editing tools including time compression and expansion, parametric EQ, and digital tuning, manual and automatic truncation, cross-fade looping, cut, copy, paste, normalization, transform multiply and automatic correlation for easy looping.

I guess that’s not too bad. When I buy a synthesizer, I can find dozens of fan pages sharing patches galore whether they are photographs of settings, crudely drawn diagrams, or midi sysex files.

I’ve used the ESI more heavily than the others because I’ve owned it longer. Standard, Turbo, and Turbo Zip. I wrote my own translator for sysex files; I’m hoping I can use a similar process to write manaul own translator for. Saves hours of work. Every now and then I can find some of the cd sample sets For sale, but at some pretty crazy prices.

Using stereo bussing on instruments which are simply panned mono is emuu waste of otherwise usable outputs.