Keywords -En steel, Heat treatment, Hardness, Microstructure. In heat treatments, both chemical composition and microstructure properties of a case can. Saaj Steel Corporation – offering Case Hardening Steel EN , Case Hardening Steel After ensuring the chemical composition, the raw material is machined. EN Round Bars, EN alloy steel rounds manufacturer supplying EN steel Round Bar to Stockists, Chemical Composition of SAE EN round bars .

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As the carbon content increases, the metal becomes harder and stronger. When the x-ray is passed into the substrate and it is reflected back to the detector the angle made by the reflected ray to the substrate is denoted as. It is neither externally brittle nor ductile due to its lower carbon content and lower hardness.

EN Black Bar / EN Carbon Steel Wide Range – Manan Steel and Metals

It is a major component in buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships, automobiles, machines, appliances, and weapons. Re-heat to C — C, hold until temperature is uniform throughout the section, and quench in oil, Temper immediately while still hand warm. Carbon, other elements, and inclusions within iron act as hardening agents that prevent the movement of dislocations chemicaal otherwise occur in the crystal lattices of iron atoms.

Vickers hardness measurement is done on the specimen as per the IS procedures by using Vickers hardness tester MH6. EN alloy Steel round bars are supplied by us to various industries.

EN353 Round Bars

I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Chemkcal Diffractometer is one of the most powerful techniques for material structural analysis. Get best deals for coconut. Our streamline manufacturing process is in compliance with the international quality standards that help us to retain our position as one of the top notched EN Alloy Steel Round Bar exporters.

The average value is calculated from five readings. Website designed and seo by www. EN Alloy Steel Round Bar is a most useful material but it is very expensive EN Alloy Steel Round Bar are commonly used in parts of gas turbine engines that are subject to high temperatures and require high strength, excellent high temperature creep resistance, fatigue life, phase stability, and oxidation and corrosion resistance.


Hardness measurement is made with g loads, dwell time of 10 seconds and diamond indenter is used for test.

The result is obtain from the chemical analysis, carbon — 0. View Contact Call Seller Now. EN is a very high strength steel alloy which is hardened and tempered before complsition and has nickel, chromium, molybdenum making it high tensile steel strength, with good ductility and wear resistance.

With relatively good impact properties at low temperatures, EN is also suitable for a variety of elevated temperature applications. With their introductions, mild steel replaced wrought iron. EN is a very high strength alloy engineering steel.

Steel Chart | EN Series Steel Chart | Chemical Analysis & Specifications

As the carbon content increases, the Hardness Vickers hardness measurement chemial done on the specimen as per compositiom IS procedures by using Vickers hardness tester MH6.

Chemial range of EN Round Bars which we manufacture for our customers are of high quality and these round bars are used for making machineries and OEM Auto components. In order to ensure the material of the specimen is done with help of the optical emission spectroscope OES. EN Round Bars are always supplied with the test certificates and can be supplied in bulk quantity as well as retail quantity as per customers requirements.

Modern steel is generally identified by various grades defined by assorted standards organizations. After ensuring the chemical composition, the raw material is machined according to the dimension for various tests. Find more suppliers in Chennai Steel Alloys in Chennai.

Case Hardening Steel EN 353

With the invention of the Bessemer process in the midth century, a new era of mass-produced steel began. The impression is done on the circular faces at the centre of the specimen.


Further refinements in the process, such as basic oxygen steelmaking BOSlargely replaced earlier methods by further lowering the cost of production and increasing the quality of the metal. Chemical Analysis In order to ensure the material of the specimen is done with help of the optical emission spectroscope OES. Steels are alloys of iron and carbon, widely used in construction and other applications because of their high tensile strengths and low costs.

The hardness values of AHT case and core samples are With over years of experience in manufacturer, suppliers and stockists our products. The result is obtain from the chemical analysis, carbon — 0.

Customers can instantly solve any product or service related queries by contacting us via phone, email or by visiting our office. Heat to C — C as required, Soak for 1 — 2 hours per 25mm of section, and cool in still air. In order to ensure the material of the specimen is done with help of the compositipn emission spectroscope OES.

Length Diameter mm to mm 5mm to mm.

Designed in compliance with international quality standards, these EN Compposition Steel Round Bar are corrosion resistance, sturdy and durable. Legal Status of Firm Partnership. Xhemical steel has carbon content of 0. Year of Establishment Super Metal Manufacturing Co. This was followed by Siemens-Martin process and then Gilchrist-Thomas process that refined the quality of steel. We also have IS license of Bureau of Indian Standards for steel rounds for use in various structural, bright bars and other engineering applications.

EN round bars have good internal strength and high external strength, which makes it highly wear resistant. EN steel round bars offer good combination of ductility, strength and wear resistance.

Today, steel is one of the most common materials in the world, with more than 1.