HWS® (HOLOGRAPHIC WEAPON SIGHT). See inside cover for distribution statement. NSN: (model ). EOTech Technical Manual ver. F. The Model HWS is the most affordable night vision compatible holographic sight Product Manual (PDF) Model Holographic Weapon Sight. EOTech manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration.

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Particularly the mmanual where it remains shifted even when the temperature changes back? I am just keep rocking my Aimpoint PRO, which is still going strong on its original battery. In exchange I will defend them, or any black, brown or yellow innocent person. A lot of eotexh used what was issued — plain and simple.

They must be accurate, regardless of the news. I cannot tell at all looking through the lens but I can see the smallest imperfection when closely examining the lens on the side.

EOTech Red Dot Sights for sale | eBay

TM Request E. Maintains cheek-weld and supports night maanual operation Figure How your optic ran though? Quick-release STS dovetail mount locks the G33 to the side. Below the first dot is a second dot for long-range use with the magnifier.

I sent it back and they fixed it. Page 6 This page was intentionally left blank. Looks like out a caution I will avoid Eotech for a while. Let me condense it: Positive click adjusters provide 1 MOA per click windage and elevation mankal, ensuring mmanual and accurate sight alignment without guessing. When used with a Night Vision device, always check to make sure the sight is not turned on before pressing the NV button to turn on the sight in the Night Vision mode.


It doesn’t even bother me in the least but I don’t want to misrepresent. All service rounds showed significant POI shift with temperature change.

Prices, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. It is even better when you get someone else to do the adjustments for you.

Please contact L-3 EOTech for an estimate. You can berate him if you want, I just found the tone of some random guy manuzl out someone else ridiculous. This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 30th, at The irony is that your short-sightedness cannot be offset by the optics you bash. The operational buttons are located on the side of the sight making this manaul ideal for use with EOTech switch-to-side magnifiers. If you like them, you like them.

Easy, fast, secure eotefh to side. The sight will not power up: This publication is required for administration and operational purposes. The elevation and windage adjustment are located on the right-hand side of the sight Figure 2.

Restrictions on the use of night vision with a weapon vary from state to state.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Did you miss the part about the shifting zero during temperature fluctuations? And this is hard for me because Ive always loved Eotechs. They have long been a sponsor of my TV and video efforts.

Nice looking, simple to use, bigger objective is cool. Also, the vastly inferior battery life and overheating issues with certain platforms and mounting options. Rail slides over gas tube near rear sight aperture.

  CP1W - TS102 PDF

I also learned to adjust my sight once in the spring when it goes from cold to warm, and again in the late fall when it goes from warm to cold.

Remember that we live in the age of social media and Google. Show only see all.

EOTech 553 User Manual

I have seen pics online. Recently there have been a plethora of and glock accessories that originated from SMU requirements. Curious to know if the POI flaw is in the engineering or manufacturing. The inspection date on boxes is June Fingerprints and lubricants can be wiped off with lens tissue or a soft cotton cloth, moistened with lens cleaning fluid or glass cleaner sold dotech any camera store.

Page 35 Models M and M How do you know it was not the Batteries fault. The rifle is banged around in cars and in the brush that I am in so much looking for illegal aliens smuggling people and drugs.

A conviction, or an administrative finding against the Company that satisfies the requisite level of seriousness, could result in debarment from contracting with the federal government for a specified term.

If engaging at distances where parallax could be a factor, approximately centering the reticle in the viewer rather than at a far edge would effectively eliminate such effect. Very slight and I mean very slight imperfection on the ocular lens.