Abstract. CASTANO LL, Rodrigo et al. Dilatación endoscópica y aplicación de esteroides intralesionales en las estenosis esofágicas por cáusticos y. Lesiones esofagogástricas por cáusticos. Esophageal-gastric .. ¿Produce la ingesta de cáusticos alteraciones motoras esofágicas irreversibles? Estudio manométrico .. Estenosis esofágica extensa secundaria a esofagitis Gastroenterol. Se estudiaron 60 pacientes menores de 15 años con estenosis esofágica, 40 de ellos por ingestión de cáusticos y 20 por otras causas.

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Hepatogastroenterology, 45pp. An Esp Pediatr, 47pp. Caustic gastro esophageal lesions in childhood: Ingestion of caustics by children.

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Estado nutricional en niños con estenosis esofágica y disfagia secundaria a ingestión de cáusticos

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A prospective trial in rats. A two-year-old male was admitted to our center presenting with estenosix esophageal stricture of three months evolution secondary to the accidental ingestion of a caustic product.

The study protocol was approved by the Hospital Research and Ethics Committee We present the case of a two-year-old male with a severe and long esophageal stricture successfully treated by the combination of dilations and stent placement.

Estenosis esofágica por ingestión de cáusticos

Results of endoscopia dilation. Esophageal manometry has revealed hypoperistalsis, with normal upper and lower esophageal sphincter, in children with CI 26, Tracheoesophagealaortic fistula complicating lye ingestion.

Reconsidering the diagnosis and treatmet of patients following ingestion of liquid lye. The TSF was measured with a Lange skinfold caliper at the previously marked midpoint on the posterior portion of the right sstenosis arm with the arm extended in the same relaxed position held in MAC.


Fibroproliferative disorder of the antrum after an alkali ingestion. Gastrointest Endosc, 43pp. J Toxicol Clin Toxicol, 32pp.

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However a total of five doses is currently recommended by other authors; therefore, we cannot attribute its effectiveness to the success of the treatment in this patient. Am Estenosls Gastroenterol, 79pp.

According to data published of adult studies, fully covered SEMS may be able to overcome the existing problems related to partially or completely uncovered SEMS such as bleeding, fistulae, recurrent or newly occurring stenosis and erosion. Caustic ingestion in adults.

University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Dantas R, Mamede R. Gastrointest Endosc Clin North Am, 4pp. J Pediatr Ppr, 24pp. We present a case of a male patient, aged 20 years, consulting in the Department of Surgery with difficulty to swallowing, with a history of accidental ingestion of caustic eetenosis 2 months before. Rev Med Chil,pp. Arch Otolaryngol,pp. However, the placement of a stent in this region was impossible due to the generation of a tracheal compression.

J Pediatr Surg ;42 7: Pediatrics, 69pp. Conclusions The use of stents is a very frequent treatment of esophageal stricture in adult patients.