FAA to Conduct Runway Safety Events Focusing On Wrong Surface To that end, NBAA has created a six-part video series that explains TALPA and how pilots. SUMMARY: The FAA is amending its pilot certification regulations to establish a second-in-command (SIC) pilot type rating and associated. Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding an opinion that would have required installation of a cockpit voice recorder (CVR) in aircraft with six.

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I fly in vz all my sic are done in the usa on my FAA lic.

FAA Will Require SIC Type

And I agree that air travel is safer than automobile travel. According to the NTSB, the video showed that “[t]he aircraft made a low altitude, level turn toward the video camera.

It skc important to note that “weight and balance programs authorized under AC C, other than actual weights, are not in compliance with the guidelines of AC E” and “OpSpecs must be issued by August 11,to comply with AC E.

In which case the suggested changes would probably remain just that, suggestions. This is also true for the employee’s family members or a non-employee guest. Now if the TSA could use some common sense and implement more reasonable procedures and regulations relating to an FFDO’s carry of a firearm, they might really be on to something.

Exercise the priviliges of a SIC in Venezuelan license to FAA license?

After all, it has been almost four years since the initial bans were imposed. I find its logic rather stretched and without any statistical support to show that families “might” drive instead of fly if forced to purchase an extra ticket to accomodate a child safety seat. Unfortunately for the pilot, the passenger in the aircraft and the passenger’s daughter on the shore gave the NTSB versions of the accident that were very different from the pilot’s explanation.


A flight equals “the distance in statute faw from where the nbwa boards the aircraft to where the individual deplanes. Regardless of the changes, if nbbaa, general aviation will remain my preferred mode of transportation.

The Board rejected the airman’s assertions holding that they were not good cause for his failure to file a timely appeal. Unfortunately, his arguments were inconsistent with and unsupported by the facts, and did not amount to good cause as established by Board precedent. You can obtain more information regarding the topic at the NBAA’s website here.

As we have discussed previously, falsification of an airman, medical or other FAA application can result in criminal prosecution. Since HOST computers systems have been modified along with other flight planning software systemsthere really is no easy way to go back to ‘todays’ process tomorrow.

The new rule, effective on September 6, will bring the U. According to a Daily Herald Articleunder the law, attempting to impersonate a “pilot, airline or airport employee or contractor in restricted areas of airports is a felony punishable by one to three years in prison.

That comparison resulted in discovery of pilots who were collecting disability and had failed to disclose those disqualifying medical conditions on their airman medical certificate applications.

Section adds an exemption from the payment of excise tax for “any air transportation by a seaplane with respect to any segment consisting of a takeoff from, and a landing on, water, but only if the places at which such takeoff and landing occur have not received and are not receiving financial assistance from the Airport and Airways Trust Fund.

If this ICR is approved, this will give airmen an opportunity to provide input regarding their experiences in obtaining medical certification. As a practical matter, pilots and aircraft operators considering an upgrade will end up having to make a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether an upgrade is necesssary or worth it. The Court went on to note that the U. At the time, both of the aircraft were receiving flight control services from the Meigs tower which was operated by private controllers under contract with the FAA.


At lease they have an FFDO program, which is better than none at all. The information contained in this web-site is intended for the education and benefit of those visiting the Aero Legal Services site.

The estates sued multiple parties in multiple lawsuits. Don’t get me wrong: Hard to argue with that type of evidence. The ICR is nbaz The plaintiffs then appealed.

However, since airline crews and employees still have to go through security checkpoints, I am not sure how just having the uniform helps someone when they still need a proper identification badge.

Originally Posted by flyer. Sign in or Signup. Chairman Rosenker noted that “[w]hile the FAA’s new position may provide more options for the voluntary use of safety seats, we continue to believe that infants and young children deserve the same protection taa is provided to other aircraft passengers,” and that “[d]uring takeoff, landing, and turbulence, adults are required to be buckled up, baggage and coffee pots are stowed, computers are turned off and put away, yet infants and toddlers need not be restrained.

This is another case where plaintiffs attempt to stretch the limits of the law to join as many deep-pocket defendants into a case as possible. Reigel does not create an attorney-client relationship.