Fluke Calibration produces the broadest range of electrical, RF, temperature, pressure & flow , , Technical Guide Supplement ( KB). Order Fluke Calibration E on sale from Transcat’s series. Fluke Authorized Distributor. Rentals available. Free Shipping!. Order Fluke Calibration A on sale from Transcat’s series. Fluke Authorized Distributor. Rentals available. Free Shipping!.

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Thermocouple App Notes Series, 1 of 4 – L’essentiel des thermocouples 2. Each calibration is backed with a 4: See the inserts illustration and listing below.

9142, 9143, 9144 Field Metrology Wells

Field Metrology Wells are packed with functionality and are remarkably easy to use. These combined features, along with the rugged design, light weight, and small size make this instrument ideal for field applications. Flukke 24 V loop power, you are able to power and measure 943 transmitter current while sourcing and measuring temperature in the Field Metrology Well. Fluke Calibration Model No: An interface cable kit that includes a null modem to connect the Fluke with Fluke Calibration dry-wells and Micro-Baths to automate and document the calibration of temperature sensors and transmitters in the field or at the bench.


It offers accuracy, portability, and speed for nearly every field calibration application.

New control technology guarantees excellent performance in extreme environmental conditions. Automation and documentation make each unit a turnkey solution So you now have a precision calibration instrument that has field-ready characteristics, accredited metrology performance, built-in two-channel thermometry, and automation— what else could you ask for?

Fluke Calibration 9143-A-156

All criteria are important in ensuring accurate measurements in all calibration applications. Fluke Metrology Well This optional built-in two-channel readout reads resistance, voltage, and 4—20 mA current with 24 volt loop power. Fluke Calibration Field Metrology Wells: Industrial Temperature Calibrators Workload Matrix Flyke von Temperatursensoren bei Stromschleifenkalibrierungen reduzieren German The LCD display continuously shows many useful operating parameters, including the block temperature, the current set-point, block stability, and heating and cooling status.

Environmental Conditions for all specifications except temperature range.

, , Users Guide Manual

Please contact your local sales representative if you have special requirements. Fluke Field Dry-Well. What every instrument technician should know 1. Temperature measurement and calibration: You can unsubscribe at any time.

A Technician’s Guide 1. To ask our Fluke experts a question please include your contact details. How about all this and a turnkey solution that will automate and document the results? Auto setup requires the entry of only the nominal switch temperature. It also has on-board automation and documentation.


Field Metrology Wells Data Sheet Insert Custom Custom insert pricing is based on a maximum of eight holes. Best Practices for Temperature Calibration 2.

On-board automation and documentation. To request an official quote for the Fluke A please include your quantities and contact details. About Us Contact Us. The Fluke Calibration DW-P controller uses a PRT sensor and thermoelectric modules or heaters to achieve stable, uniform temperatures throughout the block. With this entry, it will run a 3-cycle calibration procedure and provide final results for the dead band temperature via the display.

Insert, G,EA test. Each unit is equipped with a large, easy-to-read LCD display, function keys, and fuke navigation buttons.

Two High Performance Versions. Dry-block product comparison table Both methods are fast and easy and make testing temperature switches a virtual joy!

Ready to Measure in Five Minutes.