FM 10-67-1 PDF

FM 10-67-1 PDF

provide extensive information about FM ( ). 28 Nov This manual, “Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (FM ),” is a guide for commanders, staff officers, supervisors, and other. Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (FM ) [Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This manual.

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The opening inventory is the total amount of bulk petroleum on hand at the beginning of the month. Laboratory tests ensure fuels meet specifications, identify unknown products, detect contamination, verify unfavorable field tests, and provide the basis for disposition of unacceptable fuel.

There are several ways to check for product contamination in the field. Grease or light lubricating oil may be used instead of the paste. It is used to gage tanks and to measure product temperature.

If the depth of the water is greater than the length of the innage bob, use a water gage bar Figure to measure the water in the tank. The following paragraphs discuss volume calculations for liquid petroleum products.

It must be clean and dry. Samples are important because they are used to determine the quality of petroleum products. Product listings are not comprehensive. Check for rust, scale, dirt, foreign objects, and water. Figure, shows an innage tape and bob. If any of these things are in the tank in sufficient levels to cause contamination, clean the tank before using it.


It is usually easier to see the product cut on the back of the tape. Use the tank car gage stick to determine dome innage and shell outage in nonpressurized rail tank cars that have shell outages of 1 foot or less. The Holocaust Laurence Rees. Each petroleum sample shipped to a petroleum laboratory for analysis must have a completed sample tag securely attached. When taking opening and closing gages, use the same gaging equipment and hatches for both gages.

A 5-gallon sample should be submitted when jet fuels are tested for thermal stability.

Each tank vehicle has its own gage stick which is graduated in gallon divisions. To determine this, compare the length of the unwound tape with the reference height of the tank. A fuel is clean when it is free of suspended matter, sediment, and emulsions.

Battle Scars Jason Fox. Gurkha Colour Sergeant Kailash Limbu. Part One describes general considerations of petroleum operations to include environmental protection, safety, and accountability. Mauser Military Rifles Neil Grant. Hydrometer, graduated scale, API 29 to 41 range mm long, 14mm diameter, with thermometer. The calibration charts should be checked periodically. World War I DK. When the sample is from a packaged product, all markings on the container should be copied on the sample tag.

The tag is DA Form Figure Review the last innage gage sheet posted to determine expected product level before gaging a tank.

Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (FM 10-67-1)

It is the cut is hard to read, put product-indicating paste on the bob 10-76-1 gage the tank again. Entries on the sample tag should be typewritten or in pencil. Do not use ink because ink will run if fuel is spilled on the tag.

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The tip of the bob is the zero point of the tape and bob. Enter Your Email Address. See Chapter 12 for details on cleaning petroleum tanks.

FM Concepts And Equipment Of Petroleum Operations – TABLE OF CONTENTS

The kit consists of an aluminum 1067-1 case fitted with measuring and sampling equipment. To ensure accurate gage, compare the tape reading at the reference point with the reference height of the tank.

When lowering the stick, be do not splash the product and cause an inaccurate cut. A fuel is dry when it contains no undissolved water. The Fall of Carthage Adrian Goldsworthy. Hydrometer, graduated scale, API 69 to 81 range mm long, 14 mm diameter, with diameter. Place the unmarked side of the tape against the metal rim of the gaging hatch reference point.

Innage is the depth of the product from its surface to the tank bottom or datum plate.

To do this, place the drum in a vertical position. Mf of the following terms are found in the glossary. Measure for bottom sediment and water each time storage tanks containing liquid petroleum products are gaged. No Easy Day Mark Owen.

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