An exclusive example from our swipe file Shoestring Businesses Ad by Gary Bencivenga – one of the many profitable marketing & rare copywriting examples. Anyone know where I can find some Gary B promos?. “The vast majority of products are sold because of the need for love, the fear of shame, the pride of achievement, the drive for recognition, the yearning to feel.

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Really appreciate the time you take to put into these kinds of garry Steve. Plus… you get headlines from the greatest copywriters of all time including…. The only copywriter I endorse no affiliate is BenSettle. Swipe Files for Copywriters. So much content to consume, definitely got to bookmark this post for reference. Comment below to let me know… Take Action.

Kurobuta Ham Letter by Gary Bencivenga » Swipe File Archive » Marketing & Copywriting Examples

You have such a short amount of time to grab someones attention and without a great title you may not get to fjle people that need to read what you have to say. Copying them word for word can ingrain into your mind what it feels like to compose high converting landing pages and emails. This is definitely getting bookmarked! This guy was a master at writing tight, persuasive copy that made people buy. Keep up the good swips


“I want to learn from the masters, but…” (The secret code, revealed!)

Not a slight, just a function of speed and limited space. You gave us a block of copy written by Gary Bencivenga as practice writing material to study and copy by hand as an exercise. I think Ben is the light heavyweight champion of email copywriting. But I am sure the first copywriter came not long after Gutenburg created the printing press.

I was actually in search of just Gary Halbert, but this collection is great. Hi Steve As always heaps of valuable information here to take away and digest. Lots of great resources to learn from here! There is always room to improve. Most of us can use some help with copywriting. A very particular beast….

Because it reveals how to access a goldmine of million-dollar sales letters, text ads, banner ads, emails and space ads right from the Internet. Without a doubt in my mind diversification is essential. And we watch as one ad miraculously does the work of one hundred people. Literally, jump into the mind of a Copyrighter!


Usually ships in 24 hours View Product Add to Cart. Who Is This Not For? I love all the sites and the stuff by Joe Vitale. Some are incredibly good and thoroughly tested. I love your emails. But that doesn’t mean my opinion is for sale.

Because, in short, online is cheap. Honestly now… how can you read this short, intriguing little ad and NOT want to get his book? Epic list, should keep me busy for a few days. What Others Are Saying Good copy intoxicates me. Usually ships in business days. Hope to do a post over on lavenderuses soon saying why I am using a different biz model now. As resources are encountered, they will be added here.

I remembered quite some time ago I come across sales copy by T. The books listed below have been carefully selected to help copywriters build their own swipe file knowledge.

Covey, Robert Allen, and Gary Halbert. I believe all the above toold would be helpful to me.

Videos, podcasts, web 2. It’s the easiest way to become “untouchable” in your field.