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This has caused the sensitiveness against migration as a social phenomenon to remain and reflect in people, in their cultural compositions, regardless of the lapse of time, social changes and economic development.

This headstone was found at the Orthodox cemetery in Tetovo, and the script on it is devoted to an Albanian from Reka, namely from the village of Duf, buried in Tetovo. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Sherif Ahmeti, Medine, Upper Reka in Macedonian: Ai mes tjerash shtoi se: Xhemaludin Idrizi, Zeqir Kadriu: Since the division of the church to the east and west, this area of Albanian lands, as the whole Albanian geography of the time, had remained under the oppression of a continuous war of the dominance of one or the other section of the same church.

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Fragment nga poezia Reka, vendi im Figura 1. They are more interested to invest in their homeland. The invaders and robbers despoiled and devastated this region. The VMRO documents and memories of its leaders are a precious source of information about the history of the Albanian National Liberation Movement, in which Rekan Albanians had given also given their contribution. The naturally rich regions are quite gjeojetria neglected — sometimes deliberately by not investing neither in production capacities, nor infrastructure, education, etc.

This paper deals with the songs that the Rekans gjeometira to migration, with their spirit and message, with gjeometriia Rekan word which mark a phenomenon that starts from the hopes for a better life and continues with the spiritual sufferings for the abandoned homeland. Both of these cults, or the narration about them, result from the ornamental figure in the shape of a triangle, on whose angles three circles with rays have been reflected.


Most of them had a mixed population, i.

The studying of this work will be of des,riptive historical importance for the region of Karshiaka and for ethnographic studies of Albanians in Macedonia and beyond. Upper Reka, Josif Bageri, national awakening, independent Albanian state. Environment Emissions and climate change.

Natural resources, beautiful landscapes, fresh and clean air, and convenient terrains for cultivating alternative tourism gives hope to Reka to whom we think liveliness and dynamism will return. This can be seen from his patriotic poems, which echo very naturally, directly, consistently and strongly, with a worthy rhythm of Albanian odysseys.

gjemetria Avec deux cartes ethnographiques”, Paris, Sinadinoski, and many others, who never got rid of their national identity, have today raised their voice against the great historic invasion and transgression against this community. Pasi Bogumil Hrabak, Arbanashki upadi…, vep.

Doktor i shkencave teknike Institucioni: American International Journal of Contemporary Research. The same ornamental figure has another image with anthropomorphic background that can be connected to the goddess known as Great Mother Magna Mater. Albanian jgeometria has a wealthy tradition in the studying of morphonological phenomena from the diachronic and synchronic point of view by many renowned linguists such as E.

In this paper we will talk about Upper Reka, with special emphasis on the Orthodox Albanian population, about the policies of different invaders Serbs, Bulgarians, Yugoslavs and Macedoniansdesiriptive the relations and collaboration between Orthodox and Muslim Albanians of that region, etc.

Erebara, the Skopje club and the other patriots. Some of the issues that will be dealt with in this paper are as follows: Remember me on this computer. In Upper Reka there are no paid mourners crying women. Second, he undertook activities for preserving and developing their religious-national being. The houses of Reka belong to the group of houses of the Debar region, whereas here, in Macedonia, this kind of architecture is known as the School of Architecture of Macedonia — Debar Debar house wherefrom the Debar room derives.


The paper talks about Halil Latifithe legendary martyr who fought in the name of national, military and ideological resistance in Derven, Skopje; he was a man of honor, brave, just and tough. Albanisch mit kyrillischen Bichstaben. This paper aims at confirming that Islam has been a very relevant factor of maintaining the national identity of Macedonian Albanians and those of Reka, in particular, by drawing a line between Slavic challengers and Albanian Muslims and advancing the process of living with a different spiritual religious and linguistic culture.

There were 24 issues in the first year and 16 in the second. The idea that the Upper Reka inhabitants of the Christian faith were in fact Macedonians that accepted the Albanian language during the era of Islamization is fake and incorrect. Grupet konsonantike pl, bl, fl. Ndryshe paraqitet puna me toponimet shqipe. Explanations about the harsh game carried out by politics through religion in Macedonia with the aim of striking and liquidating the Albanians will be given; the resistance of Upper Reka will serve as a lesson for all other Albanian inhabited areas, by showing the directions followed and the advantages gained through them.

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The Orthodox Albanians need to be told the truth; they need to know that they have been manipulated and deceived and that they have to return to their ethnic roots eventually. We will attempt to verify the thesis in this paper that the clothing element in Upper Reka with two wrappers is analogue to the clothing elements of other Balkan nations. This paper will analyze the economic potential that this region has to offer in order to revitalize itself, and this is very important if we do not want to send it to history.

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