Get sleep survival tips in this Q&A with Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child author, doctor and preeminent sleep guru, Marc Weissbluth. One of the country’s leading researchers updates his revolutionary approach to solving–and preventing–your children’s sleep problems. Here Dr. Marc. A leading pediatrician outlines his groundbreaking, step-by-step program to help parents ensure a good night’s sleep for their children by working with their.

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I lived in constant frustration thinking I had just missed the perfect time for my child to sleep. Contrary to popular opinion, an overtired infant will not simply conk out and sleep for 12 hours – rather, the opposite happens, something which I can certainly attest to.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: Our Review

After reading about half of the book, I had put it down for a while and then hit a patch of speep waking with my son. Our Members Area is packed with exclusive content and weissbluthh Perhaps one of the experts in the field. His landmark seven-year study on the development and disappearance of naps highlighted the importance of daytime sleep. In addition to his own research, he has written about sleep problems in manuals of pediatrics, lectured extensively to parent groups, and appeared on Oprah.

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The advice was critical to really help our baby to become a good sleeper. At one point, Weissbluth actually states something to the effect that children who get poor sleep are more likely to be bratty and those brats are more likely to become fat.

A Step-by-step Program for a Good Night’s Why Healthy Sleep Is. My baby turned into a sullen little thing, too. Jun 18, Pamela rated it it was amazing. He is accepting of cry it out, but if that’s not your path then there is advice for the family bed.

I happened to read this before I had healthu oldest son did that jinx me that I had the most challenging type of baby Weissbluth described? I have just finished the book, but already have applied some of what I learned to our family life. Monthsand now starting on month Trivia About Healthy Sleep Hab The author even recommends reading this book more as a reference – only reading the parts you need at that particular time.

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I never read it since our previous foster children didn’t seem to have sleep issues. All the same, the book is chock full of research and data that can help you develop a more informed approach deissbluth your child’s sleep, and Weissbluth does present some great concepts. Nov 29, Breeana rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It may not be for every parent, but it’s working for us so far. My fourth baby is an infant, and remembering that now is when she will start staying up really late at night but at 6 weeks will be ready for an earlier bedtime is sanity saving.

I, too, didn’t know that a baby could need seep go to sleep an hour after waking — that alone was worth reading the book. Now, I often refer to the book’s month by month guide on how parents can help their children establish healthy sleep habits. This book is really flawed, I can’t get away from that.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth

Habirs most important thing you can learn from this book is the importance of not letting your baby get over-tired, which actually counter-intuitively makes it harder for your baby to sleep.

Jan 09, Wendy rated it liked it Shelves: Browse our list of consultation package options here.

I need to respond to one particular satisfied patient whose letter is included in the book because I pretty much hate her. Weissbluth does offer solutions to problems. It’s very redundant and honestly, could be boiled down to perhaps three chapters. It is anything but that. Description The perennial hea,thy for parents who want to get their kids to sleep with ease–now in a completely revised and happpy fourth edition! Quotes from Healthy Sleep Hab I feel like all the books say the same thing in different ways and then sell it as the ONLY thing haibts works.


If you are looking for a “what the heck do I do now” step by step instruction manual, this is not it. How you rate this book will depend upon your need.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child : A Step-By-Step Program for a Good Night’s Sleep

And though I do agree to an extent, this is not always the case. This book contains information on a large span of ages and phases from the first days as a newborn all the way through adolescence. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Although the writing feels confused and hodgepodge-y throughout, Weissbluth provides concrete information and advice on how to help your child sleep well, especially for first-time parents.

Within days we had a better sleep schedule for both children! The Best Books of Weissbluth’s main point slrep really sticks to the reader is that sleep begets sleep. Call me ignorant if you must, but I’m much to focused on the now to project that far into the future. Weissbluth, a leading researcher on sleep and children, promotes a revolutionary program to ensure healthy, happy sleep for a child–both at night and during equally important daytime naps.

It’s nice to go straight to the chapter relevant to your child to get a sense of what sleep patterns are healthy for that age.

Weissbluth and his wife of more than fifty years, Linda, have four sons and eight grandchildren. It worked- my baby is on a schedule! The habts I read the more I’m convinced this guy really is an expert in putting people to sleep. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of My English comprehension scores were nearly perfect on the Chlld.

I had so much faith in the words of this book at the time that it really baffled me why he was up so uncharacteristically early.