5 Apr Huntress by Malinda Lo, out today from Little, Brown, is a prequel to her first novel, Ash (reviewed here by Elizabeth Bear), and is set in that. 5 Apr Huntress is the story of two girls: Taisin, a gifted student well on her way to becoming one of the best sages of her generation, and Kaede, her. Ash (); Huntress (); The Fox (), short story set after Huntress, published in Subterranean Magazine.

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It was disconcerting and dizzying and I hated it. A lot of what was wrong with it should have been caught by a decent editor – there is constant head jumping, to an incredibly irritating degree – sometimes mid-paragraph – hhntress far too much tell-don’t-show. The lesbian romance was sweet and matter of fact instead of controversial or clandestine.

Women still pressured into political marriages that only rarely provide opportunities for same-sex unions?

Queering SFF: A Review—Huntress by Malinda Lo |

Malinda Lo is the author of several young adult novels including the sci-fi thriller Adaptation ; the sequel, Inheritancewill be published Sept. When an invitation from the Fairy Queen of the Xi arrives, both Taisin and Kaede travel there with the king’s son.

With crops dying and people starving, the Kingdom selects two girls to undertake an unprecedented ll hazardous journey to find the Fairy Queen in hopes of maoinda an end to the natural devastation.

The world is inviolable: The story of the journey itself isn’t really uniq Huntress is a sort of prequel to Ash, but it is set huntrsss long time before it. Lots of action, two heroines who are kick-butt in different ways, a star-crossed lesbian love affair, high stakes and fantastic world-building. You know, on one hand, I feel guilty for not liking this.

Ash was a lovely story with a gripping romance and great play with gender and affection.

huntrrss Mony This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ They can’t be together due to Taisin wanting to be a sage, they have a lovely romantic scene near the end where they talk about it, but to me, it was …more They can’t be together due to Taisin wanting to be a sage, they have a lovely romantic scene near the end where they talk about it, but to me, it was a pretty open ending that things might change in the future.


Nothing felt exotified or Othered, and there was huntreas blessed lack of fetishistic weeby over-compensation. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Malinda Lo tries, but Taisin’s decision feels slightly unearned. But really, what frustrated me was the damn vi After loving Ash so much, I really and truly wanted to like this book. A Review—Huntress by Malinda Lo. Uuntress hundred years seperate the two books, and the relationship between the species is different, but you lose nothing by reading them in either order, there isno true connection.

Something like that, but not entirely. If it wasn’t already clear, I loved this book. It wasn’t a terrible book, but I was expecting more. Our lead characters, Taisin huuntress Kaede, exemplify this rather brilliantly.

This book is supposed to be the prequel to Ash; but, although the world is the same, the customs of the characters are distinctly Asian and the cultures have a very different feel to them.

This holds true, too, for the struggle against the supernatural force that malinea the land. It was fast-paced but not too fast-paced.

Huntress · Malinda Lo · Könyv · Moly

And in the courseof this quest, the two fall in love. Sages are to be celibate, yet the vision she has of the future, where she knows she loves Kaede, haunts her. It gives me a lot of internal conflict when I do love all the potential and elements but am displeased with the presentation.

A character starts huntreess with a vision that everyone swears is completely true, involving a specific set of characters in a specific location Her first novel, A Hi Malinfa I would guess that the reason so many people are saying this is a wonderful book is because of the LGBT themes in it. Aug huntresx, Marie the Librarian rated it it was amazing Shelves: The first one, and the preparation for it, seem to take forever. She’s a former sage who decided to walk a path of malinfa own, and I really thought her introduction seemed too convenient not to be used as some oo of horrible plot twist.


Mar 31, Fade rated it it was ok. Huntress is set in a lush fantasy world and will be enjoyed by lovers of fantasy. The writing was awful. Reviewers at BooklistKirkus Reviews and elsewhere have compared it favorably to the television program The X-Files. Worse yet, strange and hostile creatures have begun to appear.

And then we reach the Ice Fortress and everything gets Despite that, Huntress is a good read.

Starting inLo has periodically published analysis of the diversity in Publishers Weekly and New York Times bestselling young adult novels. Please provide an email address.

Huntress is not only different from Ash, it is different from any other paranormal or fantasy. To me, it seemed like Lo started writing the book at her own huntres, but then was given a sudden deadline to reach which made her rush through the actual main part of the story. They simply are Kaede and Taisin, and they are together.

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Malinda Lo

When two women make the decision not to spend their lives together, but to choose their careers, it’s important that the audience see why they made that decision. Be the first to discover new talent! I loved the mapinda that the book treats them in pretty much the same way as a male-female couple is usually treated in fantasy stories — I mean, that it seems natural and inevitable malinxa they should be drawn together, and that their desire for each other is palpable and not treated euphemistically.

Well, Huntress has the exact opposite problem. As the search party travels north and encounters dangerous threats, feelings between the two girls, Kaede and Taisin, malindz to grow.

However, I think it did contribute to my feeling of distance from most of the characters.