An Independent Book Review In the Combat Zone. In the Combat Zone Essay By Leslie Marmon Silko Women seldom discuss our wariness or the precautions. This is what the author Leslie Marmon Silko believes, which is illustrated in her essay, “In the Combat Zone.” Silko writes this essay to acknowledge to women. Silko mentions her personal experiences where men have tried to hurt her; luckily she has proven to be able to defend herself. How has she.

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With Silko’s choice in integrating these rapists, especially the afternoon rapist, it sets her up well for her personal experience story of being followed in the afternoon by a potential rapist. This module has unpublished changes. Another weakness in Silko’s essay is her personal experience story when she backs down from giving the drunken hunters a full punishment. The killer might consistently question if killing was the best means of defense.

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Although her argument was well written, I do not fully agree with her because women should not resort bh guns for self-defense. The neighborhood was poor and rundown, but the landlady, Mrs. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Plummer, was a feisty raconteur who told me stories about the misdeeds of her former bosses, who were my bosses now. Overall Silko’s argumentative essay is well written and has validity.

She went home marmonn called for emergency help, but it took the park ranger forty-five minutes to get to her house “In the Combat” The weaknesses in this essay include a lack of expert opinions and backing down in one of her personal experiences.


As an undergraduate at Barnard, she had been mugged in the Manhattan subway, but our parents seemed to worry mar,on more about me than they did about her. She talks about the wariness woman have and the precautions they take after dark each time they leave the apartment, car, or office to go on brief errands.

After Silko had encountered a dangerous situation where she needed protection her father bought Silko her first hand gun. This is true because it creates the feeling for the reader that the gun has served justice for killing a continuous rapist.

It isn’t implied that the three men knew that marmin women had a large quantity of money in their car and were going after it. Your rating has been recorded. Please enter your name. In this essay, Leslie Marmon Silko addresses the issue of violence against women and essentially challenges the way that it is viewed. The E-mail message field is required. Contact Contact Us Help.

Plummer assured me that I would be safe because the door that She dombat arguing for women to be stronger and sticking up for themselves, yet she backs down from making the hunters fully learn their lesson of how to treat women. In Silko’s essay, her father believed that her grandmother and mother needed a gun for a reason that was not significant enough. Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript.

Also, the only people that should be allowed guns are police.

Argument Critique — Gun Control

On the other hand, people argue that there are other options instead of using a lethal weapon, yb as mace. Newer Post Older Post Home.

The essay ‘ s strengths include a good integration of history and credible personal marmn stories. Silko presents a good argument for her beliefs and values for gun control and empowering women. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Preview this item Preview this item.


One of my female students, fair and lithe as a stalk of goldenrod, informed me that she had nothing to fear from anyone; she had been a track star in high school, and if any peslie tried anything she didn’t like, she could always outrun him. There are two main arguable issues Silko expresses in her essay. Your request to send this item has been completed.

marnon Her weaknesses include a lack of expert opinions and backing down from fully protecting herself in one of her personal experiences. I chose this paper to be on my portfolio because I worked really hard on it.

In my opinion, safety is what all living organisms stride for and it is not right that woman have to constantly deal with paranoia and worries when they are alone. Brian Kelly site map. Silo lock on my bedroom door didn’t latch.

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In the combat zone

Because of ib, the citizens have insignificant reasons to have guns, which is causing out of proportion amounts of gun violence. There are plenty of other ways to empower women than giving them a gun. This argument of mine fits in well with my values, which are moderate to liberal and includes a Catholic upbringing.