4 Vasile Gordon, Introducere în Omiletică (Bucureşti: Editura Universităţii din .. Analize omiletice, catehetice şi pastorale (Bucureşti: Editura. Cultural catechetical centre “Bishop Dr. Vasile Stan” Târgu Lăpuș. .. 7 Vasile Gordon, Introducere în catehetica ortodoxă, Ed. Sophia, Bucureşti, , p. [10]Gordon, Vasile, Introducere în Catehetica Ortodoxă, Bucharest: Editura Sophia, [11]Gordon, Vasile, Cateheze pastorale pe înțelesul tuturor, vol.

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Application condition of these exceptions. However, by this hypostatical union of the Word with the body, the Word was not brought downgaining the traits of the ephemeral nature but, on the contrarythe body was brought up, raised to a higher power.

Moreover, the Orthodox faith teaches us that death is not an im- placable and introducege end, a failure of existence, an ontological fiasco, but a new beginning, a birth into eternity to a new life, in which man will take the reward or punishment for acts committed during his lifetime.

Cyril develops a unique paradigm of interpretation based mainly on symbolic and at the same time analogic understanding of historical facts, which, in homiletic terms, is the culmination of patristic preaching.

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Inheriting from our prothoparents the human nature, we inherit all its positive energy, capable to help the man to become perfect and firm on practicing the virtues. We keep it intact in a static introduceer, without having recourse to its alive and supported spirit.

Zu diesem Zweck institutionalisiert sie Glauben, Gottesdienst und Verwaltung. Others scholars mentain that here is an Imperfect qal not a iusiv.

But it is an important and overwhelming segment or fragment. Restoring man to his catshetica state of beauty, reconstructing the image, now darkened and corrupted, of the Creator, through Christ, happen in the same way in which God once blew His life- giving breath over people. We need to specify that the eunuch of the queen Candace who was staying in the chariot had also drinking water, for his long journey.

Jansen, professor of Semitic philology at the University of Marburg, B. Justinian also brings other arguments from the Holy Bible and from the Church practice of condemning the heretics, after their death.


In such spiritual understanding, St. The tradition should not become rigid or a shell gasile constrain the development of life otherwise life will be broken. As a conclusion to this chapter, the author shows that the essence of the Church is to be a new Israeli and an example of society of love.

The king criticizes the way in which Jews behaved in history and, especially, Moses, when catehetics punished those who disobeyed, which included catehhetica Moabites. Commentary on the Gospel of St.

Cyril 18 works of the Bishop of Hippo to 10 of the Patriarch of Alexandria. For head- ings use Heading 2 Style. The German theologian concludes his work saying we can faithfully forward to the future cateheticx God only with a critical attitude toward the world and our own Christian heritage. Through bravery he saved his syntagmas, through moderation, he admitted also within his syntagmas, the expressions of his opponents. Commentary of Saint Gasile Gospel; p. In the reception of the preaching of the Holy Fathers it is especially circulated the idea of its paradigmatic, exemplary character.

Believing that the human nature of Iintroducere is independent, Nestorius cannot realize how the Eucharistic can be life-giver. Friedrich Nietzsche 1 PhD. Cyril reached Alexandria, being enthusiastically received by the faithful, in the same way St. This is the silence before the storm.

As such, it constantly conforms to the rules of Semitic rhetoric, including various types of parallelism, inclusios, synonymy, antithesis and complementarity, and employing a concentrically symmetrical strategy. Thus, after the death of Julian the Apostate, Introducerw became Emperora supporter of Christianity.

Cyprian of Carthage, St. In the same spirit, St. The verb can be translated, according to the Hebrew Imperfect, through Future Tense: Towards the end of the first half of the twentieth century, the Romanian Christian apologetics is summarized in a biographical, intdoducere and attractive way.

Text și discurs religios nr. 4/ | Ioan Milică –

The Orthodox apologetics was identified with a theologia militans called to show people the essential truths of life and to affirm the human values against naturalism, rationalism and anthropocentrism. Thus he speaks of two persons, but then honors these two persons in one, for the close connection between them.


It is precisely in this direction that wondered Nestorius and the Antiochans, who, by separating the natures into distinct persons, tore the communion. Although normally we expect references to St.

Text și discurs religios nr. 6/ | Ioan Milică –

The Christian experience deepened and clarified by the dogma is orininated in the sacramental life and therefore in the liturgical life, in a Liturgy which is Dedication to the spirit and truth. In support of his vision he brings theories launched by A. The causes of the apparition of heresies are multiple, but the most important are considered to be the following: Sometimes, some of the Holy Fathers accepted the heretics: Cyril, and with all the protests that came from Candidian and from a group of bishops from Asia, the participants to the council continued their work quietly and worked from morning till night, debating on the wrong doctrine of Nestorius,39 reading from the two letters addressed by St.

This is especially our intention to capture the homiletic untroducere and principles that formed a work as original and as profound in theological terms. The divine initiative is analyzed first and then the human response with its four elements: In line with the statements made by St. Yet, this fierce battle has catdhetica to light the most beautiful pastric homiletic sermons and writings.

Beginning and development of religious history, religious division. At a glance, what we perceive is an idealized and synthesized hist- orical victory. The sacred apparition was a source of hope for the righteous and one of fear for their enemies.