Station Code, Station Name, State, Zone. AA, Ataria, UP, NER. AAG, Angar, MH, CR. AAH, Itehar, MP, NCR. AAK, Ankaikila. AAL, Amlai, MP, SECR. This is a complete list of Indian Railway station codes. You can search your desired railway station code from this list by following two steps. Find list of Indian Railway stations and station code of station code finder.

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If you are thinking of booking a train ticket online, you need to be aware of the station code of the starting point as well as your destination.

Indian Railway Station List with Station Code

With so much ease and reliability, along with the simplicity of easy online reservations, more and more people opt to travel by Indian Railways. People can fetch all information about different stations here, their respective station code and the number of trains ircrc are passing through them with ease.

Why will I need the Cleartrip. Bangalore city Prasanthi Express. In such a scenario, unless you are planning to make your journey through some really important stations, it might be hard for you to identify the exact trains starion pass through the station. Vsg Sbc Link Ex.

Bangalore Cy Jn (SBC), Bangalore Railway Station

Shimoga Town Bangalore City Express. Here, users can not only find out about all the trains and station codes but also the information related to the number of trains running via them.


Information about Stations and Places: Puri Sbc Gr Spl. The Indian railways span the length and breadth of the country. Wondering why you would need a station list when you can get the desired information from the railway enquiry? Simply get to the respective station name, know about its station code, check out trains running from that station, select any one of them to know all details in particular and do make sure to look for seats, get tickets and have a safe travel.

By clicking on the train name, you can get the route of the train. So, using it will simplify your ticket booking ordeal for sure. There is regular train service to and fro Mysore and Chennai. The station list designed by Cleartrip. Bhagat Ki Kothi Bangalore city Express. Indian Railways boasts of an impressive network of railway lines, which connect the farthest parts of the country together.

Bangalore City Double Deck. Dibrugarh Bangalore city Express. Realizing this problem, Cleartrip. Bangalore city Kochuveli Express. Do you want to check out all stations along with their respective station codes?

Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned traveller or a newbie, you staion likely to be confused when it comes to deciding which railway station would be perfect statjon embark and disembark from a train during your journey. Be aware of them and have a safe travel. If you click on the train name, you will be directed to a page with information on all the railway stations in India through which this train will pass along with the station codes. Bangalore has several nearby sightseeing places that come in a wide-variety of destination types, ranging from forests to hills, temple towns to archaeological monuments, palaces to tea plantations, all of which are easily accessible by the Indian Railways.


Currently, we do not have this feature in MyBusiness. Select a different country: Bangalore city Hospet Passenger. Your email address will not be published. Indian Railway Station List with Station Code Looking for a specific station and sration code and an understanding about the number of trains running t and fro from the same? C Shahumharaj T Ranichennama Express.

It has a list of all the trains along with their train number, the starting point, and ending point. So, let us get started with understanding this station list and all that lies within. Tirupati Bangalore City Express. Well, here you can definitely grab an idea about the same.

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Ajmer bangalore City Garib Nawaj. You will get an insight on all the trains along with their train numbers that start or pass through this station and the days on which they operate on.

You will also get details about the time of arrival and departure from each station along with the distance between two stations and the duration of the journey. Thus, the number of railway stations in India is far beyond what you can actually imagine.

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