The The Quilt Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, The Quilt study guide contains a biography of Ismat Chughtai, literature. ‘Lihaaf’ or the ‘Quilt’ was written in and published some time later in in Adab-e-Latif. The story brought immediate notoriety to Ismat because the. SHORT STORY Lihaaf [The Quilt] O Ismat Chughtai Translated from Urdu by M. Asaduddin In the last issue of manushi, while reviewing Deepa Mehta’s Fire, we.

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isnat Though the events that are happening indicate a lesbian relationship in the offing yet the same is never explicitly stated or described, as the child understands almost nothing of the events. Such things did exist even though people turned a conveniently blind eye to them. One reason that Ismat herself located for this colloquial tone of her stories was in the fact that she never could write in solitude.

(Paper-2) 20th Century Indian Writing

No one paid any heed. Find what has been brushed under the carpet.

Each story has a specific feel good message sent along. Her face was scarred by small- pox.

THE QUILT by Ismat Chughtai | Kirkus Reviews

But note to self, next time they should be read in original language itself. In Ismat Chughtai successfully defended herself before the Imperial Crown Court against a charge of obscenity for her short story Lihaaf – The Quilt. Ismat Chughtai looks at gr There is a game that I’ve known young girls across countries to play. Then I started crying. This is what ensued in court: Then Begum Jaan had a fit.

The narrator recalls how Begum Jan blossomed under the hands of Rabbu. It was evening and the room was getting enveloped in darkness.

I forgot the lines though I knew the entire ayat by heart. The Mole and Touch Me Not didn’t seem much interesting and rather weak in narration. This is so because it is mentioned that he too had taken up the Nawab Sahib’s service for some time, and received many gifts of clothes from him but then no one knew why, he fled and never turned up at the house even to see his mother.


These are not just stories about sex, misogynistic society and oppression but also of humanity and inner feelings of the soul.


Books by Ismat Chughtai. She was considered rather radical and was even taken to trial by the powers quilr were at the time for pornography, for THE QUILT, one of the short stories in this book. I tried to wriggle out and Begum Jaan began to laugh loudly. However, I had resolved to switch on the light that night, come what may.

She knew that left alone in the house I would fight with my brothers or roam around. But it is a an audacious picture of the kind of society the women of her time lived in. When she changed her dress I began to feel jittery. At times I could hardly bear it — the sight of Rabbu massaging or rubbing at all hours.

It was a sensitive rendering of a childhood experience whose correct import was understood by Ismat only after she matured into a woman herself. This punishment was much more severe than I deserved for fighting with my brothers. I had never seen the parting of her hair crooked, qui,t a single hair out of place.

To this day whenever I am reminded of her face at that moment I feel jittery. When the narrator is left at Begum Jan’s place by her mother, she realises that despite her past admiration of love for Begum Jan, there lie many secrets with her. Do both-watch the movie and read the story.

I’m absolutely in love with her. She prefers to dwell on external, observed reality and leaves the reader to interpret the psychology. Well, writing such type of stories in s was really a brave act. The story brought immediate notoriety to Ismat because the theme around which the whole narrative revolved was not just taboo but something that was never even acknowledged an existence, never mentioned in polite society.


Refresh and try again.

It was severe punishment for me! The book has an all-India perspective, with studies based on different regions, castes, classes, and communities. But don’t expect happy romances; these are arranged, often brutal unions. Begum Jaan lay still It hints at the physical needs of a woman and moves from recognition of these needs to a delineation of how they are either suppressed or exploited.

The next step is an unmasking of the pretentiousness, the hypocrisy, and the pseudo-religiosity of the Nawab and by extension of the society to which he belongs. He uses his wife as a cover for his own nefarious activities. Please provide an email address. While wedding guests heap praise on each bride’s beauty, it is assumed that pregnancy will soon make them fat and ungainly. The 2nd story ‘Quilt’ was awesome, read it first in my college literature class and it still has the same goosebump effect on me.

And her hair-parting which was never crooked was a tangled mess. Left alone in the zenana, she creates a world for herself.

And as for you Ismat Chughtai I read it in it’s Hindi script and fell in love with the writing style. Using an apt smile Chughtai describes it as applying leeches to a stone.