Questions: Has iText implemented it’s own XSL-FO parser? How easy it is to implement these scenarios in iTextSharp? In both the cases. An article describes how to create PDF document programmatically using XSLFO and FOP; Author: Shyam S; Updated: 26 Jun ; Section. Composition: Template Designer & integrated server. XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, SVG,. XPath, XForms, SCXML Output formats. PDF, PDF/A, PCL.

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Lay the groundwork for the solution with an introduction to each technology and, then, integrate these technologies in a real-world example.

My vote of 5 sanjeevchaubey 1-Nov Acknowledgements This solution uses the C port itextsharp of the iText Library for generating form fields in the document. Figure 5 shows these business objects. RenderX software composes the XSL FO document to an internal XML representation of the page which is normally not exposed to the end user but has always been available through programming. Other fields are filled with known information and even hidden to prevent their modification.

I am a software architect in a reputed software firm. I have found no way to create a fillable form using FO.

These classes are contained in the source code attached to the article see Download. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Start with the PurchaseOrder class in Listing 1. Additionally, it’s possible to use different XSLT stylesheets to generate different views output documents of the same Java business objects.


The XStreamAlias annotations tell XStream which itsxtsharp and attribute names to use during serialization and deserialization. It also eliminates mistakes and saves a lot of time for known prospects by pre-filling in information as well as hiding fields that should not be changed. They aren’t free and additional iteextsharp modules may be required for PDF Forms.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. XSL can contain logic to make decisions and create structures in the XSL FO that represent the page layout and all other visible appearances.

I’ve got confirmation that FO. Apache FOP used to be used but was found to be too xsk-fo. As you add new fields to a class, you can define the mapping rules in the same Java source file.

For the production application, the itextshwrp classes were wrapped into a multi-threaded framework. Table 1 shows a brief description of each interface.

To see complete code, click http: XStream uses the default conventions if it finds no annotations in a class. NET does not support the creation of form fields.

PDF Generation using XSLFO and FOP

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Shyam S26 Jun NET wrapper to expose only. Find more details at http: XStream’s power comes from its flexibility, simplicity, speed, low memory usage, low overhead, and its control over the XML the library produces. RenderX has presented other papers discussing manipulation of this formation for things like inserting OMR marks, generating custom barcodes and Transpromo advertising.


The Region-Before and Region-After are typically used for headers and footers. Potential Applications There are s of potential applications that would benefit from such a solution. This code works perfect to run as a stand alone application, but will cause a SAX parser exception if you run it as a web application. Several commercial FO engines are available.

c# – iTextSharp or XSL-FO to create a PDF dynamically with fillable forms? – Stack Overflow

I would not say iText is better than XSL-FO or the other way round, these are 2 different approaches for different scenarios.

The most important question itextshapr is: Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. Member Aug 2: No further programming is necessary to generate dynamic, fill-able, custom PDF forms. April 2, at I have also included a small helloworld code snippet of each. The latest version 0. Notify me of new xl-fo via email.