JBL 4770 PDF

JBL 4770 PDF

Loudspeaker Cabinet. Loudspeaker Cabinet. Brand. JBL. Category. Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered. 0 Available. Temporarily Out Of Stock. $: for sale 16 pcs jbl a In good condution still original component. Speakers (foreign companies). Shop: Osu shop. Arrival: JBL 画像. Used. Consigned. Hold. Reserved. Sold Out. HiFiDo Home.

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I can easily remove 10 screws on front which fix the horn to the box but that’s all. They were shipped on Nov 7 and I received them on Nov 9. You may need to measure a part of your speaker to determine if the replacement part is compatible.

JBL Sr Factory Part 16 Ohm Horn Driver Diaphragm D16r | eBay

Shall I pull the horn; or shall I make a hole in the back of the box and rather push the s? Better top with and good slam with double mbl They are for keeps. Any idea would be appreciated. If your recone kit shims do not fit you can cut them into strips and insert several of the strips evenly around the magnet. Maybe someone on this forum have k2 for sale? One of H has also one corner jbk there is a magnet, an Al throat piece and the exterior plastic “baby cheeks” horn – Does anybody know if it is possible to buy just this plastic “baby cheeks” part of the H?

Most orders ship same day. By that time I had found Simply Speakers, read about your glue, and ordered a tube. It was also very helpful to see how slowly the adhesive sets up, and to keep turning the speaker and jjbl the foam 477 place until the adhesive holds.


You should also recone the scratchy If you are purchasing more than one item from us remember to wait and pay for all items together.

Keep up the great work! I have a JL Audio subwoofer, and I do not know my model. Just bought a pair of JBL I talked to your tech guy first jlb he was a big help in helping to decide what to get.

JbL speaker model 4770A. 16 pcs

You all made the process as painless as possible and I actually enjoyed doing it myself! Yes, we can cut your speaker fabric in 1 yard increments as long as you need it, up to 15 yards 45 feet. View more great items. I also think I should try instead of Every step of the process, from initial communication to return shipping, was superbly handled, and the quality of the workmanship on the surrounds is sublime.

I will order any future speaker kits and supplies from Simply Speakers! One Factory new diaphragm for your speaker model.

Units showing signs of use, ie. They are solid, and you guys are an example of how something should be done. Try to peel the two edges apart. I could not have done this without your great video instructions, your easy to use kit, and your email support.

Let us know what you need. We are a full service speaker repair center!

What can I do if my shims do not fit inside the magnet of the speaker I am reconing? These jjbl are 43 years old and now good as new again. Without a good digital speaker management i dont want to search the right compensation for the horn.

This is just a note of thanks. Great service and great speedy in delivery. Hello, This is my first post on this forum. Jjbl examination shown that 2 of 4 H have diaphragms damaged in a complete disintegration and two others looks OK, but they do not measure the same and they sound also different, so Jbp will start by replacing 4 diaphragms I don’t want to go active yet as the only x-over I have is the Rane AC, I hate to mix solid state with my all tube system.


Wouldn’t want to be ya’lls neighbor. It is normal that TWO foam edges have shipped and are simply stuck together.

Sound Power Series

They assured their glue was the best and easy to work with. The horn will be kind of “stuck” because of the gasket, remove the top so you can apply pressure from the back and CAREFULLY work a putty knife under the horn at the front. Are they any way to repair this? Bought them emty last year.

JBL 4755 4770 Sr4732 61435 Factory Part 16 Ohm Horn Driver Diaphragm D16r2445

We treat every customer project as if it were our own. In some cases, you will need to 4707 the correct parts by removing the defective component from your system first and prior to ordering to determine which model you have.

The width of the material is always 60 inches 5 feet. Hello anders a works pretty good but i think a tractrix horn will be better. Superb product from a superb seller.

The video instructions have been unusually helpful, especially the hints to apply adhesive to the back side of the 4707 before turning it over and attaching it to the cone. The instructions and Youtube video made things very easy to follow.