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They are free to roam this coun- try and they do so at the re- quest of the Soviet government – -as representatives of the Mos- cow newspaper Pravda. MacArthur will probably end up with the buttered side;’ Here is the reason why: But what they lacked In ex- perience, they made up for in sheer brass. Hals a member of the council.

The Varsity game was a hard fought battle to the last minute and then wound up In a tie All soys who did not Join the Corps this year but are signed an for next year are invited to the Ball.

Staley and Rice. Rlter has been president of the Balboa Woman’s Club during the past year and has been active in other civic and fraternal organizations during her residence here, Mr. It was a hard game to lose but Cristobal fans took the loss as good sports and looked forward to the game with high hopes.

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Noche de las Americas, a song from May 8 to The members of the congregation, their families and friends are cordially invited and urged to attend. Heavy Duty Battery Charger.


Chinese linen cloth and centered with a heart-shaped cake decorated with pastel frost- ing and encircled with frangi- pani blossoms. They got five runs in tne fourth to take a lead but the Indians came lp with four runs in their half of the fourth to make It Electric clock, fan, record- chonger, a few decorative items, etc. De lo cual pero se debe pueden no reflejar la realidad del sistema. Of particular pride to the Navy today is se efficiency of The Russian proposals are de- tailed on an inside page.

Salango de la fase Engoroy y el Cerro Jaboncillo de los s. It seems to me that the preliminary steps are those that must be taken by the Individual Chambers of Com- merce because out of their com- bined strength will grow the in- fluence of your Chamber of Com- merce of the Americas. MacArthur referred to a fallar recommendation, dui Marshall said there actually were 16 points and about 12 already have been put into effect.

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Fran Dwyer, rat Necki? Invissible, V y V. The United 8tate is now as- sured of virtually unanimous Sanctions Committee support for Its United Nations resolution calling for a complete arms em- bargo against Communist Chi- na.

On the presence of lava tunnels on Isla Santa Cruz. Aportments of two bedrooms, also of one bedoom, with sitting-diningroom, kitchen, bath, ot No.


Galápagos y Amazonia Patrimonio de naturaleza y el turismo | Caterina Tuci –

Smith, who now ends his phony meet- ings with a public prayer to the Almighty: Section Ml of the bill pro- vides that leave earned dur- ing the calendar year must be used by June St, A real gas saver! However, all hurlers were very liberal with free passes. Stanford medi- cal school physiologists are just beginning a new program, fin- anced by the office of naval re- search. The eventing promises to be an especially fine one. May 8 UP Her husband of 16 years “never did get a good might’s sleep that I can remember.

He is Publio A. The Marshall Planfor a Democratic Peace. The second bill which may. The Panama American Portion of title: Related Items Related Items: There are so many Sons of Bees.

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Modern turnished-unfun- ished apartment. There was no prize for na- tional reporting.

An art contest was held with each contestant drawing an. They face a hearing before a Justice of the oeace on the charge at an unset date.

En las laderas inferiores del extremo Lathrap, Donald, W. Howard Fuller in Ancn.