My Life has ratings and 62 reviews. Michael said: A work of slow art, as well as one of the few collections of Language poetry that has aged well. Lyn Hejinian is among the most prominent of contemporary American poets. Her poem My Life has garnered accolades and fans inside and outside academia. My Life (Green Integer Books, 39) [Lyn Hejinian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Recognized today as one of the great works of.

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My Life by Lyn Hejinian

Why would anyone find astrology interesting when it is possible to learn about astronomy. In addition to representation, poets associated with the Language movement have also questioned the status of the poetic speaker. There is no solitude.

Rimbaud to Cage Princeton, NJ: Perhaps unsurprisingly for a work that deals with the changes brought on by time, My Life has a somewhat complicated publication history. Amidst the presumed memory fragments and repeated anchor phrases, pithy statements rise from the text: The pilot of the little airplane had forgotten to notify the airport of his approach, so that when the lights of the plane in the night were first spotted, the air raid sirens went off, and the entire city on that coast went dark.

Similarly, the decision to encode the texts used here in a format other than TEI might, I suggest, be seen as a way to historicize the adoption of that format in relation to editions that bring together multiple versions of a work, reminding the reader that Reiman’s original argument in favor of “versioning” was based not on archival integrity or interoperability but on the time and money that could be saved by creating editions using photocopiers.

Hejinian has continued to update the book over time, allowing it to grow with her, and has released a further volume entitled My Life in the Nineties Shark, Jan 03, Emily rated it liked it. This is a text that is “open” in the sense that it acknowledges so much more than the words with which it is written.

Hejinian and the Language Movement

It questions the nature of autobiography and challenges the idea of memoir, reevaluating what it means to call a piece of writing a “life. So if I can say anything to anyone before they decide to pick up this poem, do a little research first. Not easy, but a stunner.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Rather than determining matching sentences manually, the edition uses the computed relation scores to determine if a match is found, and these scores are also used to highlight in blue similar sentences found throughout the versions, giving users a way to view the variations of phrases that repeat throughout the work.

Definitely a book for people who love literary theory. But the book’s greatest strength may be its openness to interpretation. I had to read this book for a poetry class; at first it struck me as nonsensical and too unique for its own good. If reality is trying to express itself in words it is certainly taking the long way around. However, Hejinian keeps overall coherence at arm’s length: Writing of Stein’s MelancthaPerloff links this kind of affinity for repetition and troubling of sameness to theories of subjective experience and identity, claiming that Stein seeks to “show how a relationship, any relationship between two people who are at once the same and different, evolves.

A beautiful and poetic exploration of self, memory, process, and language I find some of these fascinating too and am now wondering if they were tracts ‘lifted’ from Hejinian. My mother ly at the window watching the only lights that were visible, circling over the darkened city in search of the hidden airport. The first version of My Life formally reflects the poet’s life at the time of its writing, containing thirty-seven sections each of thirty-seven sentences.

When she was thirty-seven years old, Lyn Hejinian wrote My Lifeone of the best-known works to emerge from the Language movement with which she is associated.

Phrases recur and weave together as motifs throughout, making new meanings through repetition. This is maybe my favorite book ever. You must go int this collection with zero expectations, she is a Language Poet and writes emphasizing the readers role in interpreting and bringing meaning to what she has written. Hejinian, “Rejection of Closure,” University of Georgia Press, In at age 37 Lyn Hejinian first built this autobiographical structure in 37 sections of 37 sentences, with each section running parallel to the specific year of her life.

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Additionally, Hejinian published an essay, “What’s Missing from My Life ,” inwhich contains an expanded, sixty-eight-sentence version of the ninth section of My Life. Below, I first introduce Hejinian and the Language movement, paying particular attention to their treatment of repetition and variation. At just over pages one could hejiniah this a short book, and yet the density of Hejinian’s prose defies that characterization. Such a lovely and odd book.

A wonderful way to depict the way life expands forward and bac A beautiful autobiographical prose-poem, and, like any life, a continuous work in progress and revision. Jarraway, “‘My Life’ through the Eighties: In Shark Books published a continuation of the project, My Life in the Ninetiesconsisting of ten new sections, and Wesleyan University Press has recently published My Life and My Life in the Ninetiesan edition that brings together the forty-five-section revised edition with the continuation.

Juliana Spahr, “Resignifying Autobiography: I can’t believe this predates ‘The Guard. Sep 01, Christine rated it it was hejiinian Recommends it heninian For example, in recent work to update the Versioning Machine to support aligning audio and text hekinian of a work, we encountered a performance by Spalding Gray in which the speaker repeats sections of a script several times see Figure 2.

My Life | Academy of American Poets

This kind of elliptical performance, in which sections of text are returned to again and again, highlights the ways traditional conceptions of textual editing trouble the creation of a digital edition that brings together multiple versions of My Life. Her experimental autobiography My Lifefirst published inis the purest example of this poetic project, and established her as one of the foremost members of hejinoan Language school of poetry.

Considered in this light, each of My Life ‘s repetitions is a chance to rewrite and reread identity—of Hejinian as autobiographer, of the sentence as unit of meaning, and of the reader as a participant in the creation of meaning. Religion is a vague lowing.

Pretty is as pretty does.