4 quotes from When Water Burns (Telesa, #2): ‘Yes, I’m Daniel Tahi. I know what your lips taste like.I know you roll your eyes when you think someone is. Dec 5, “When Water Burns”: Telesa Vasa Loloa. That’s when the world changed. Irrevocably. The banded sleeve that marched up his arm and spread. And the earth glowed red with fire and the sea enveloped it and water burned at its edges. Tangaloa-langi reached down and took of earth and mixed it with.

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Now it’s her turn to be his stronghold.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. As he discovers his gifts, he becomes more independent.

When Water Burns (Telesa#2)

See all reviews. And it is absolutely fantastic that he plays a bigger part in this book. This author has an ability with description that is so visual that reading the story is almost like watching a movie. I am so glad I have the Special Edition of book one because it has recipes and after reading about all of the delicious goodies they were eating, I telrsa need to get in touch with my inner domestic goddess and start making some of them.


He is irrestible and every time he showed up in a scene, I couldn’t help but think, this is going to get interesting. With his fire Telesa powers I see him playing a big part in Leila and Daniel’s life in the next book.

When Water Burns Quotes by Lani Wendt Young

Sep 04, Sarah Alatimu rated it buens liked it. Keahi is a new introduction. Whether Daniel and Leila were getting too “steamy” as their relationship progresses Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Von rated it it was amazing.

Leila tries to befriend her, but with a troubled past and a mistrust of peopleshe has a hard time gaining Burms trust. Jan 16, Ashley Hackney rated it really liked it. Now I just have to survive the wait! Daniel was able to bring her back to life, but we are left wondering if it was Lelia that came back or Pele the Fire Goddess because of the statement ” At Last.

Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Simone’s back and fiercer than ever with a wit and wisdom that keeps the story humming. Whether Daniel and Leila were getting too “ste This book is finished – such a huge relief to say that! Feb 17, Sieni A.


When Water Burns Quotes

At a time when sex is given freely, these kids seem to hold out as long as possible and still respect their elders. But when Keahi came into the picture, I hated him from the very beginning. This is an awesome series and I can’t wait for the third to come out! I really appreciated the non-sugar coating of realistic issues that Lani portrayed in this book.

Daniel learns the truth about his past, Leila meets mysterious Keahi, and Sarona is back in the game. Trivia About When Water Burns I said the M word. She has matured a lot and now has a great deal of responsibility. Daniel, on the other hand, has finally come into his own. Book one ended with a pretty strong ending. This site uses cookies.

Book Two in the Scarlet Series. Lani Wendt Young is beyond amazing.

Too often fiction assumes that teens have no control or boundaries when it comes to intimacy. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.