RupaBajwa’s The Sari Shop however, is a typical prototype of women and their Keywords: India, women, victims, trauma, The Sari Shop, RupaBajwa, IPV. The Sari Shop: A Novel [Rupa Bajwa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An impressive debut, full of lean and lyrical prose. ―Ligaya Mishan. The Sari Shop by Rupa Bajwa – book cover, description, publication history.

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It is fun to witness the various varieties of bargaining from the other side: It is “where to go”, particularly for wedding apparel. I am the kind who judge a book solely by ripa title and cover, skipping the blurb and reviews. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. His parents had instilled in him the import It was an interesting but ultimately depressing read. As you see, nothing dramatic happens here, and I cannot really tell what Aari like about this passage so much.

Ramchand is easily affected by the others around him.

Also, I don’t gel along well with multiple award winning books. His life now revolves around his place of employment, the Sevak Sari House. It leaves me with a feeling that while we as a society are all for a show of support to feminism, whatever may it mean to each of us, but when it comes to the economically disadvantaged strata of our society and especially its women, we have nothing for them but negligence and plenty of discrimination.

Its a tale of a simple man employed in the sari shop and all the characters he encounters. Everything else that happens in the book is tragic, dark and somehow makes a reader from a privileged background like me squirm.

The Sari Shop By Rupa Bajwa

This page was last edited on 7 Aprilat What I really loved about the book is the way the author describes things in the book. The Sevak Sari Shop attracted all sorts. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I found the ending most acceptable of many other probable ones, because is it not like everyone of us – getting agitated and rattled th now and then, with a burning desire to do SOMETHING – for couple of days max.


Ramchand was in despair. This is one of the rare books that will open one’s eyes. Three Daughters of Eve. While a Kapoor girl is rightly encouraged sati make more of herself than just a wife and homemaker, someone like Kamla is considered utter filth and indecent, unworthy of mixing with ‘decent’ people. I gave this book five stars because the ending rrupa me think.

Sep 13, Nandini rated it it was ok Shelves: He himself wonders why he feels out of step with the world. His uncle gets him at apprenticeship at the sari shop and that is where he stayed. This book is about the limitations of common people’s desires, their passions and their resolve to change things. Then his parents were killed in a bus accident and he was thrown into an almost Dickensian life, living with relatives who both tolerated and robbed him of any legacy that he might have had.

The astonishing thing is that Ramchand’s family expected him to support himself fully and to live independently from age 15 on–and he did without any further contact from his family apparently. He starts teaching himself English.

I thought the horrible things that happened might have encouraged the main character to do something, to make things better or change something but no.

In his frustration at the world around him, he loses his temper and becomes destructive in the shop.

It brings him face to face with the cruelties that lead him to this misery in the first place. Doesn’t know a small man with small means cannot make even a small scratch on the surface of the big ugly society. She is drunk, arrested, raped, then sexually assaulted by the police using a lathi or night stick.


Book Review: The Sari Shop by Rupa Bajwa – Shabd Studio

They are based on day to day people and have depth as well as stay shallow at the same eari. They need help to punish and push back their oppressors. I echo what u said abt the books to buy. Ramchand is a tenderly drawn character, reminiscent of Naipaul’s innocent strivers, and the rest of the cast is vividly sketched. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Oct 02, Susan rated it liked it. Reading group guide included. That was the last straw.


He was really crying, with real heartbreaking sorrow, full of grief. A battered Ramchand falls down to the same place from where he dreamt of better things for himself. Another major character in the thw is Kamla, who has come from a small town to the north of Amritsar. Your email address will not be published.

All in all, The Sari Shop is a story ruppa you should definitely read. He gets his job back and settles to his routine, unable to challenge the social evils that surround the poor and deprived people in his midst.

Their meeting brings about the next turning point in the story. Remnants of a Separation Book Review: