8 Jul We have used 2 switches. If we press switch one, the first signal blinks green light and the second signal blinks the red light. The green light. About the colors of Traffic Light Control The Interfacing Traffic Light Control with program is very simple and C Program to Traffic Light using Serial communication achieved using The Traffic light controller section consists of 12 Nos. point LEDS are arranged by 4Lanes in Traffic light interface.

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The main objective of this traffic light controller is to provide sophisticated control and coordination to confirm that traffic moves as smoothly and safely as possible.

Microcontroller AT89s52 Contrroller Board: Latest posts by Frank Donald see all. Further if you have any queries you can call us on the toll free no.

Intelligent Traffic Light Control System Using 8051 Microcontroller

So far we have given the introduction about traffic signals, and therefore a control system is necessary to control these lights in a specific manner. The aim of this project is to design and develop a density based dynamic traffic signal system. It would have looked more like the real deal.

The above scheme is just an example and are subjected to change in real mlcrocontroller roads, as different four way traffic flow schemes are followed widely around the world.

The Infrared Sensor detects this type of radiation which is not visible to human eye.

Intelligent Traffic Light Control System Using Microcontroller – Robomart Blog

Llght digital signals from each road will be given to the input port of microcontroller, where the microcontroller will determine the length of vehicle at each road and counts the length of each road and decide to on which road which signal is glow. Timings allotted at every junction are fixed. Alamin, You can download them from the option given at the bottom of this article.


In a typical cycle, turning on of a green light allows traffic to continue in the way indicated. Here in this design i have programmed in such a way a red light will be on for 50 seconds and 10 seconds for Yellow light.

Traffic Light Control System using Microcontroller

This process continues as a cycle and cotroller timing for changing the LEDs can be displayed with the use of a seven-segment LED display in this project. In our project we focus on optimization of traffic light controller in a city using IR sensor and developed system using microcontroller AT89s If Automatic mode select then go to step 4th else go to step 8.

Our system provides control on traffic using automatic and manual mode for example if any rally comes then set manual mode by setting time. Thank you so much. Assign time period for green, yellow signal according to that particular road. Where can I put the pins of usb female connector in the diagram? Sometimes higher traffic density at one side of the junction demands longer time duration for green signal compared to the standard allotted time.

The following two tabs change content below. Hi Roosevelt Thanks for your compliment.

After some time flash memory can be erased which provide fast process. Contact your local Eletronics store for getting a programmer uxing for your microcontroller also enquire which software you can use with the board. Please check the website for complete details in the kit content section: Array can be extended upto 90 seconds of timing.


There is heavy traffic on the main road and there will always be green light when there is no traffic on the side road or at least 30 seconds.

Later the traffic lights were developed in the year by an American Traffic Signal Company, which fixed green and red lights at corners of the th street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. An Microcontroller is the brain of this whole project and is used to initiate the traffic signal at microcontroler intersections on road. Counting time upwards, the drivers may not know where it ends, but a countdown sure ends in 0…That said, I think i like your approach.

The heart of the system is microcontroller AT89s But that should be very easy to do.

Four way Traffic light system using Microcontroller and 7 Segment – Gadgetronicx

So the green signal was classified into two types one for G for permitting vehicle to proceed forward and GL for permitting vehicles to left. The 7 segment was used in this design to to display the timing to the vehicle users in the road.

It determines traffic on each road by using sensors. Hi, Please visit our domestic website http: The signals generate from sensor will be applied to input switching circuit. At a particular period micfocontroller time, only the green light holds ON and the other lights remains OFF, and after sometime, the changeover traffic light control from green to red takes place by making the succeeding change for glowing of yellow LED.